Page 4 - Frank Murphy and the Open Hearth
ISSUE : Issue 52
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/8/1
was in union here. In fact, I was one of the organizers--I helped organize this un? ion in 1936. But what happens: they don't listen to people that work. Governments don't listen to the working men. Never did. The only way the working man can do is revolt. As one fellow said here--I just forget what his name--he put a paper out here. He says, "We have nothing to lose but our chains." That's all we have to lose, if we revolt. And I hate to talk revolution. But I'm sure, today, if we loaded buses with about 5000 people from the city of Sydney and landed in Halifax in front of that Provin- cial Building in Halifax, we'd get any CO. Cape Breton Auto Radiator RADIATOR HOSES • REPAIRING • CLEANING • RECORING .r-?rs ' COMPLETE CYLINDER HEAD SERVICE _' 518 Grand auto * truck • industrial Sydney Lake Road Complete Line of Gas Tanks 564-6362 . NOW DOING AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING • damn thing we wanted. If we showed enough force. But the sad part of the Sydney steelworker--Fr. Tom Boyle told me this a long time ago. He sat on one of our first conciliation boards. He was a terrific la? bour man. And he told me, he said, "Frank, we're too complacent." He said, "When our stomachs are full, our brains are dead. And when our stomach gets empty, our brain goes to work. Too late. We should be thinking of our future on a full stomach, not on an empty one." And it was the greatest piece of philosophy that I ever-- this man, he was so right. When your stom? ach is full, go after it. When things.are blooming, not when they're going down. It's too late to fight when they're shut? ting it down. You know there's been over a billion and a half dollars spent here in 20 years? A billion and a half! Everybody in our is? land could be on a pension about--yes, $15,000 a year. With the billion and a Official Home of "Your Pace or Mine?" I!'"" Ahhass Studla Ltd. ( ONE HOUR FILM processing"! o'ps'iiilcE OVER Passport Photographs While You Wait 5" X 7" Enlargements or Reprints In Only 20 Minutes! TO CAPE BRETON Weddings • Commercial & Industrial • Family Groups • Graduation ABBASS STUDIO LTD. 170 Townsend St., Sydney * 564-8234 or 564-6491 EXCELLENT DINING INDOOR OR PATIO D.J. 6 Nights a Week Live Matinee Every Saturday 458 CHARLOTTE STREET DOWNTOWN SYDNEY
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