Page 29 - With Ella Smith and Joanne Donovan
ISSUE : Issue 52
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/8/1
us. Nobody, to anybody's knowledge. But when we went to dig a cement sewer out here, they came across a rock wall. And they dug down about 4 or 6 feet, and here's this solid rock wall, all the way down. Joanne: Layers. Ella: Layers, just like you took bricks, eh? Joanne; And laid them on top. Ella: But it's a wall, like a built wall. So David wanted to--but Fred? die was there digging by hand--and David wanted to go, see how far the wall would go, but Freddie never let him. And Joanne used to say there's people--she could hear a woman cry. Joanne used to hear stuff in there. Well, Charlie came down here. She moved in Charlie's room af? ter he left home. And he was down here lobster fishing a few years, and he was sleeping here. "No damn wonder Joanne doesn't want to sleep in there." And he said he used to hear somebody crying. But I told him it's the willow tree out there. 'Cause I've heard a cry, too, but I just thought it was the willow tree weeping at night. But it's strange you don't hear it in daytime. Joanne: I'll tell you something that hap? pened to me. I was a little kid, and no? body was around. And it was a beautiful day out--I was out skipping on the road. Everything stopped. Do you know what I mean? Like everything stopped. The birds stopped chirping, everything. And I could hear like, (Joanne sings.) "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah." Like something singing. Singing. And I was out skipping, and everything stopped. Like there were no dogs barking or anything. And it was right out here on the highway. Skipping. And everything stopped, and I could hear like--like an- gels, it was like angels or something. And Museum of Cape Breton Heritage North3ast Margaree on the Cabot Trail Inverness Co., Cape Breton, N. S. OPEN 9 TO 6 DAILY Overlooking the Margaree Valley at the Junction of Route 19 and the Cabot Trail A full-accommodation Lodge featuring: DININGROOM LOUNGE SWIMMING POOL SPACIOUS ROOMS Take advantage of nearby recreation: BEACHES GOLF FAIRWAYS CAMPING FRESH AND SALT WATER FISHING HIKING The best of Nova Scotian musicians entertain in our lounge every weekend. Check with us to see who is playing, and drop in for an enjoyable evening. ' P.O. Box 550 MARGAREE FORKS Nova Scotia BOE 2A0 Phone (902) 238-2193, William F. Maclsaac, Manager RELAX IN THE BEAUTIFUL MARGAREE VALLEY it just stopped. And I was out there. And I just stopped. And I listened, you know. But every? thing stopped. And then it just went right on back, and like the birds started chirping. It was like time stood still, just for a second. Do you know what I mean? And I could hear, like, "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, " like this, in the air. That's something that happened to me. I got a scare over that, too.... But things like that'd happen. Even now, when I'm talking about them, I shake. I shake inside be? cause they--like, I'm shaking now, and my whole body is shaking, just thinking about some of the things like this. It scared me--I wouldn't be able to.... I would never be a person --like, they say people can talk to spirits. I wouldn't have enough nerve. Like, it's too scary. It just happens to me, and it's just too scary. I wish it away. You know, it's like--"Go away, go away."... Remember the house down in South Har? bour? Ella: Yes. That was unreal, that house where we went. I've got an awful habit of going in old hous? es . I like old houses. Joanne; Sunday afternoons we'd just go and. . . .?? HIGHLAND OFFICE PRODUCTS __' _ YOUR COMPLETE Canon BUSINESS MACHINE DEALER SALES * SERVICE * LEASING Canon PLAIN mPER COPIERS 'TZ 4835SERIES • up to 5-Colour • Screening • Recirculating Document Feed • 35 Copies a Minute • Duplexing • Automatic Paper Selection • Reduction/Enlargement (Zoom) ''>C'i ?? I %311 Reprod uction Messages Memory Reception Stores up to 14 Pages • 64 Shades of Grey Ultra High Quality Processing System 'Canon State-of-the-Art ?? Electronic Correction Memory • "UNDO" Key ?? 8-Line Back-lit m Liquid Crystal Display ' Highland Office Products Reeves Building Call Today For 22 Maple Street A Demonstration ltT-'- 539-2677 Serving All of Cape Breton with Quality Business Machines
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