Page 33 - With Ella Smith and Joanne Donovan
ISSUE : Issue 52
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/8/1
happened 4 or 5 (times). Finally she jumped and beat it one night, she got that mad. Clock. She woke up. But it used to make a funny sound before it started. But the hands did not drop. Don't say they dropped--they didn't. They went around just the same but they went the opposite. Time would go backwards. (And what did she finally do to that clock?) She dug her two feet in it. She really got paranoid with the thing. But the hands--and I was thinking, "Now, they'll go a few minutes and drop." But there's more than I watched it, the first time she told us about it. Said, "No way." It went just the same as that clock up there. All the way back. You could watch it for hours, it would go back. Now what would be in that clock to make it go back? wards? But she always said somebody died. Well, I mean, there's always people dying, too, they're dying every day. Joanne: And that's like, it only happens in threes. Every time somebody dies it's in threes. Always around here.... Ella: Well, everything happens in threes. Joanne: And people that die, like there's this boom-boom-boom--three. There's nobody that ever dies, that died, like--you know what I mean? Like just one person dies, for a few months, and that's it. It's just like one dies, and then two more. Always. Ella: If two die, you'll get a third. You might get one. But you don't usually get two. You always get the third. Babies are born the same way--99% of ba? bies are born at night--99% of people die before the sun goes down or after the sun comes up. Very few people died in dark. Very, very seldom you ever see anybody die when it's dark out. It's usually daylight, or just before the sunset. And like the doctors used to laugh at us-- maternities due. "Aw, can't come in yet-- full moon's too far." They used to get a great kick out of that. Do you know what, now the doctor said, "Three maternities due. When's the full moon?" Or new moon-- they actually call it by the new moon. You can pretty well dead on. You'll get a scattered one. But you get the bunches on a full moon. Babies born on a full moon. And they're mostly all born at night. Joanne: We drove home from Dingwall one night, and we drove through the White Point road. And we could see this like a car coming, like with its high beams on. Mom slowed right down and we waited and waited. We just drove along. We could still see it. We came all the way out, and we never saw it--(never) met a car, yet. Do you know what I mean? It was just like a looming--remember that? Ella: Or the night we saw the thing coming in the harbour there. You could hear that. though. It was like a big round dish. You could see the lights flashing: you could hear a whirring sound. And it was like a silver colour--you could see the colour of it. And boy, did that loom up. And it kept coming--we could see it coming out of the sky, and it coming and coming and coming, in the harbour. (What was it?) I don't know. Landed over there. Joanne: There's big holes over there, all through the field. Ella: That's where that (landed)--whatever it was. (Where? What? What is this?) I got up one morning, there was a window here. Quite a few years ago. And I got up to close the door. There was supposed to be some pris- WELCOME TO Sydney/Westmou nt Nova Scotia The Time 1' Ri'ht Facilities for ocean-going vessels, land ready for your cus? tom development and more - it's time you considered SYDPORT. • land available for lease or sale • buildings available for lease • office warehouse space available • over 100 hectares of fully serviced land • over 160 hectares of additional land for large scale development • year-round harbour access • 768 meters of useable wharf- water depth 6 meters to 11 meters ' • new all-weather highway access to Trans Canada Highway • railway and common user sidings available • advantageous government assistance programs (including Enterprise Cape Breton and ACOA) SYDPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK A project of Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation Canada
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