Page 35 - With Ella Smith and Joanne Donovan
ISSUE : Issue 52
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/8/1
a deep, deep pink. You can see these colours in it. And it looks like it's crushed tin? foil. That's what it looks like through a spyglass. And we followed it and--it went down the White Point Road. We picked it up again, along the treetops. It went across the harbour over to the mountains on Money Point. And as nice as could be, it sat on the mountain at Money Point,, on one of the mountains--not where the light was at, but on one of the mountains in between. You could see it there in all its glory, lit up. And it was just the same as if somebody pulled a switch and turned off the light. (How often did you do that?) We did it for --oh, my God--months. And it would go to the same place every night. And that's where it would go down. But you could see it with just a little pair of ordinary spy? glasses that Freddie got here, you could see it. And it looked like crumpled tin? foil. But the same thing is back now, I no? ticed the other night when I came home. And like from here it looks the size of a streetlight. Like when you see it going down over the trees, it looks as big around as a streetlight. So I figure it's some kind of a--must be something that's out. (Oh, yes, for sure.) 'Cause the same thing's back again now. It's around now in the nighttime. About 11 o'clock at night you can see it coming down. I saw a plane without wings. And it was the funniest-looking thing you ever saw. Oh the (Englishtown) Ferry Road we were. It had no wings on it and it looked like it was built out of wood. And that went across that bay into the woods. That's all we ever saw of it. But it was just--it was just like a plane without wings, and it looked like it was made of layers of wood. Like a boat would be layered, you know. But it was fly? ing. And it was big. It was as big as a hel? icopter. But it had very little windows, just a little front one, nothing on the side. There were no wings. It didn't look like there was any propeller, it just Vac Shack ( #1 For Service ) il__ VACUUM SALES & SERVICE • Parts & Accessories • Most Makes & Models 15% DISCOUNT FOR SENIORS 213 Charlotte SL Sydney, N. S. 562-5562 looked like a wooden something. I don't know what--maybe it wasn't wood. Maybe it was something somebody had out, or floating around, but it was a weird looking thing-- but it was flying. But other people saw that, because they called in about it. They called the airport and everything about that thing. Whatever it was. But they couldn't seem to find any? thing . They were down looking for it, but they couldn't find it. But where'd it go? Well, they had seen things up there, you know, around that ferry. A lot of times they've called in--they call in the radio about it. They have seen things flying around Englishtown. Ferry Road, I call it --the long stretch before you get to the ferry. (I know what you mean--Jersey Cove there.) Yeah. But they had called in about seeing things there before, but I know a lot of people called in that night. Well, that was only early in--you know, it was in the summertime. I suppose it was 6 o'clock in the evening--it was broad day? light. There was no problem to see it, you know. But first you look at it, you're just dumbfounded watching it.... (I'd better go before you scare me! You haven't scared me yet, but you're doing all right.) I don't think those things are scary. (No, I'm only teasing. I'm not frightened.) Some people are, though. Got to be a reason behind it. THE END OWEN FITZGERALD PHOTOGRAPHY ltd Since opening his studio in 1978, Owen has received wide acclaim with the publication of three books and awards in Portraiture, Industrial and Press Photography. 423 Charlotte St, Sydney, N. S., 562-2321 IIA 1 IN HOME I1V?I HEATING • state of the art heating equipment • Trained heating technicians • Largest Fleet of Home Heating delivery • Ways to save you money • Budget Payment Plan • FREE Furnace Efficiency Tests IN SYDNEY CALL: BILL DeWOLFE IRVING 564-6293 ''
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