Page 10 - Our Uncle, Dan R. MacDonald From Talks with John Donald and John Allan Cameron
ISSUE : Issue 53
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/1/1
Join the Fun! CAPE '1 The Cape Breton Winter Festival was staged for the first time in February of 1989 among ten municipalities of the Island. The response from people within the community was be? yond all expectations. There were a total of 320 events and 50,000 people directly involved. The objective of the Festival is to create fun-filled winter activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests. Sport, recreational, and cultural activities will be pre? sented by the municipalities involved, and we encourage you to get out and enjoy some of these events. Some of the regional activities for 1990 include: Cape Breton's Artists Association * Painting Competition & Show * Scottish Dance ''&i;>- Heritage Day for Children "''' Fortress Louisbourg • A Day of Skiing and Sledding at Ben Eoin • and other traditional activities If you or your group want further information or would like to stage an event, contact your local: RECREATION DEPARTMENTS RICHMOND COUNTY RECREATION DEPARTMENT Clifford Boudreau, Recreation Director #P. O. Box 120, Arichat (226-2401) SYDNEY MINES RECREATION DEPARTMENT Mel Brown, Recreation Director 38 Pitt St., Sydney Mines (736-3646) TOWN OF DOMINION RECREATION DEPARTMENT Roger Cuzner, Recreation Director 271 Kings Road, Dominion (849-6556) TOWN OF NEW WATERFORD RECREATION DEPARTMENT Gary MacDonald, Recreation Director 3696 Ellsworth Ave., New Waterford (862-6446) TOWN OF GLACE BAY RECREATION DEPARTMENT Fred Brooks, Recreation Director R.R.I, Glace Bay 81A 519 TOWN OF NORTH SYDNEY RECREATION DEPARTMENT Bob Muliins, Recreation Director P. O. Box 83, North Sydney B2A 3M1 (794-2626) INVERNESS COUNTY RECREATION DEPARTMENT John Cotton, Recreation Director P. O. Box 179, Port Hood (787-2274) CITY OF SYDNEY RECREATION DEPARTMENT John Fraser, Recreation Director P. O. Box 730, Sydney (563-7500) COUNTY OF CAPE BRETON RECREATION DEPARTMENT Bill Murphy, Recreation Director 865 Grand Lake Road, Sydney (564-5541, Ext. 110) TOWN OF LOUISBOURG RECREATION DEPARTMENT Cindy Trimm, Recreation Director P. O. Box 8, Louisbourg (733-3383) TOWN OF PORT HAWKESBURY RECREATION DEPARTMENT Jim Pyke, Recreation Director P. O. Box 10, Port Hawkesbury (625-2591) CAPE BRETON WINTER FESTIVAL OFFICE Frank Bruleigh, Executive Director P. O. Box 1055, Sydney B1P 6J7 (539-9560) Join the Fun! acter--being a very honest person, and not having a great deal of education. He trusted people. And he tended to believe everything they might say. And people sometimes exaggerate stories about him for that reason. Which is nonsense, of course. He composed a tune called "The Greenough Jig," which he sent us, back in the '50s. By "sent us," I mean John Allan and I. It was composed for Bill Lamey, who was liv? ing on Greenough Avenue, I think, in Ja? maica Plains, Massachusetts. So he com? posed tunes, really, from the heart, and for people that he really liked. Bill La? mey used to write to him when he was in Mabou many years later, and Bill would drop a few dollars in an envelope, you know, to him, just as a little token, you know. Which was very nice, I think. (Would Dan R. tell the story of a tune-- was that a habit of his? ) No, I hadn't heard him do that. But if you asked him, he would. And sometimes you knew. There's a tune--"Hurricane Hazel," I think it is-- back in the '50s, he composed a tune for that. Well, that's self-explanatory. And he composed--well, for anybody that he was connected with. He sort of followed the course of history, almost, with his music. When he was overseas, he was composing mu? sic there. And he'd perhaps write by it, "Composed in Germany, at a certain time," or "Composed in Scotland." When we were over there, I was seeing places there that I hadn't heard of before, except through Dan R.'s music. "Bonar Bridge," for exam? ple. He worked in the woods up near that area--northern part of Scotland. So he named the tune after it. And then there's "Aberfeldy Castle"--you never hear of Aber- feldy Castle. But Queen Victoria used to stay there. And the troops were stationed there, back in the war years. Including Dan R. So he composed a tune for the castle.... The Second World war is very much a part of his music, to me. Then later when he came home, down through the years--some of the titles of tunes, you can liken a certain event that hap? pened to the titles. You can tell about the time when he might have composed it. BenTax Quality Tax Preparation * Fast and courteous service • Special rates for seniors • Year round tax service 350 Charlotte Street Sydney, Nova Scotia 564-8800
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