Page 25 - The Dump Cart and Hay Truck
ISSUE : Issue 11
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/6/1
Roddy told us that before the cart and truck and the large spoked wheels came to the farra, they used to make a trolley for hauling manure. The wheels were sliced frora a hardwood trtmk about 20 inches in diameter • the finished wheel about 6 inches thick. A hole would be bored through at the center and a wooden axel passed through. The trolley had two wheels but as it was low to the ground, it was not built to durap. You shoveled into the siraple box, and you'd shovel out. The shafts would have a curve something like the rough drawing here. For the hay they wouir use a sleigh (essentially a drag) with '' runners 9 or 10 feet long • the longer the better • and'' straight shafts I''Ci,,,,' '''' • • ''""'"''' ''r as sho m in the i '''Y""" • ''"SSL 1 '''''' photograph. There • ' ' '' ' ' '' would be three beams nailed across the runners. The sleigh was a lot easier to to load with hay than the hay truck but "''i because it v'as so low it was just that much harder forking the hay up in the barn. Roddy is seen in the photograph coraing in with a sleigh-load of hay, three others there to do the tramping and the horse, Ruby, something like fifty years s'o. Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Dog 1 Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan JUNE 1974 WRECK COVE CAPE BRETON NOVA SCOTIA Correction; In issue Nuraber 10, the article "The Sinking of the 'Caribou' Ferry." we used the name Thoraas Pearcey. Mr. Pearcey's first name is William. The drawings of lichens in this issue are by M. Jane McNeill and are included (a- long with introductory guides to lichens and mosses, and several other articles) in the'interesting and useJul booklet. IN PORSsf Alto PJELD WM '(m SI'SKXNfi. It is available for one dollar frora the Nova Scotia Museura, Halifax. A COLLECTORS' EDITION of We've reprinted the first six issues and bound thera in a single large book called The Collectors' Edition of Cape Breton's Magazine. It includes the first six issues exactly as originally published. It sells for $3.75. Subscriptions to Cape Breton's Magazine are sold on a 6-issue basis, beginning with any issue frora Nuraber 7 on. A 6-issue subscription is $4.50. A 12-issue subscription is $8.50. Use the coupon to order the Collectors' Edition and sub? scribe to Cape Breton's Magazine. If you'd like to send gifts, simply send a list of those to xvhom you want the magazines sent, their names and full addresses, and en? close a check or money order. We pay the postage, any? where in the world. r Please send rae O The Collectors' Edition of Cape Breton's Magazine C$3.75 each; I I and / or j Please send rae a Q 6-issue i.$4.50) Q 12- ' issue ($8.50) subscription to Cape Bre- I ton's Magazine. NAME ADmESS Begin subscription with Nuraber 7 8 9 10 11 j Enclosed is a check raoney order for I
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