Page 58 - On the Trail of Elizabeth May
ISSUE : Issue 53
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/1/1
oping alternative technologies, that come with it.'" And the jobs We should be saying, "We want the federal gov? ernment to put amounts of money 'nto Via Rail; we want to make the rail." I mean, there are industries in Cape Breton that have to do with a sustainable future. If we were able to make enough rails to really have efficient train service for the whole country, instead of de- cidinc -'Ha*. it was going down the tubes, that'a create a lot of jobs. And there are strategies that would create jobs. I think in Cape Breton the best things you can do are to do those things that have something to do with the skills of people in the area, and things that people are used to, and that are creating as many jobs as possible. Things that are labour-intensive instead of capital- intensive. If we were using more people in the woods.... They found in the northwest coast of the United States, the Forest Service there is now using sheep and people instead of herbi? cides, because they say it does a much better job and it's cheaper. So, there's a lot that we could do that would be better for the economy. I mean, they're go? ing to be hard choices to make. That's the thing about saving the planet. It's not neces? sarily all easy.... We don't have to do it overnight, but we want to start the transition now. Paul Robinson Celebrates Cape Breton's Magazine In the Atlantic Provinces Book Review: "Back in the early 1970s when I first encountered Cape Breton's Mag? azine my reaction probably went something like this: "it's different, it's interesting in a curious sort of way-and it'll never last...." I looked upon it as a valuable, if temporary, historical resource.... How wrong I was! In the spring of 1989, from their base of operations in Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, publisher and editor, Ron Caplan, and his hand? ful of associates produced their fiftieth issue. For seventeen years what seemed at the outset to be a limited deposit of source material has been expanded and refined to make Cape Breton's Magazine the best local history magazine to be found anywhere." WE BUY AND WE SELL AND WE'RE AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE Sid's Used Furniture Phone 564-6123 436 Charlotte Street, Sydney r Sftne'' &*laie "SaKe'p S- 'ift <' 236 Townsencl St. ' Sydney, N.S. BIP 5E8 Phone 539-4566 Limited Edition Collectors Plates & Fine Giftware Gas Tank Replacements & Repairs For Personal Efficient Service: Call 539-2122 Sydney Radiator New Heaters & Radiators or Repairs We Service and Ship 121 Prince Street, Sydney Anywhere on cape Breton Island 20 Years a Family Business 2 Years Warranty on All Parts * We Accept VISA & MASTERCARD ''dne;' FOR A REAL CAPE BRETON WELCOME TO CAPE BRETON ~ OLD SYDNEY PUB Finest Food and Beverages * Nightly Dancing * Fresh Seafoods * Everything We Serve Is Homemade * * A Comfortable Atmosphere for a Meal and a Good Time * PHONE 539-3003 581 Grand Lake Road, Sydney ''HE RHt*' The Sydney • Olace Bay Highway, off Route 125
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