Page 68 - Charlie MacDonald: Cab Driver Tales, More Stories from 58 Years Behind the Wheel
ISSUE : Issue 53
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/1/1
there, had to carry the water. And I did the,carrying while I was able to. And I said, "Mum, before I go, I'm going to dig you a well by the door." I dug, when I wasn't studying, wasn't going to school. And when I went to church, if there was church, and then come home, she'd give me permission to go dig the well. But I couldn't do it unless I had her permission. And when I left, I even hauled the rocks I with the truck that I was going to drive--4 miles, flat rocks, to put a thing around the well. And got it up. And then I got the blacksmith, McCuish, to get me a handle, and put a rope on it and a bucket. And all she had to do was to roll the bucket up full of water--three steps, she was in the porch. I did that for her. Then I went on the truck. That next day after Dominion Day. Haven't been home since. That was my leaving. I was home, sure, but wasn't home to stay home, for a week or two weeks or a month, or nothing. See, '27, Tour the world of fine cuisine at George's • Intimate licensed dining room • Home cooked Greek, Italian, Canadian, and Mexican food • Delivery 4 pm • Mon.-Sat. 11 am Sun. 4 pm • Major credit cards 536 George St., Sydney, (across from Centre 200) Take-out & delivery call 539-8066 eA-cAPe SEA-CAPE MUSIC LTD. P. O. Box 357 Sydney, N. S. B1P6H2 (902) 562-2233 Proud to Offer These Quality Products: CAPE BRETON CEILIDH THE CAPE BRETON SONG COLLECTION The Nova Scotia Song Collection BUDDY MACMASTER "Judique on the Floor" ~ in stores everywtiere, or direct from Sea-Cape Music - "Portrait of Cape Breton History" greeting cards I note cards Full-colour reproductions of Lewis Parker's paintings of Cape Breton history '28, '29 I went to Ben Eoin highway, '30 I came in here. March the 11th, '31, cab work. So that's the way I left it. Read More of Charlie MacDonald's Stories in Issue 52 Motor Cycle Shop 539-7644 • 539-1730 NQW AT 229 Kings Road SYDNEY ??''""''"'-'??'* CO-OP ' Burner Service Contracts Available Automatic Delivery Budget Plan Available Lube - Oil - Greases 562-3163 503 PRINCE ST. - SYDNEY, N. S. CO-OP FUELS Stove and Furnace Oil Furnace Maintenance Contracts Available
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