Page 72 - A Talk with Dominic Nardocchio
ISSUE : Issue 53
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/1/1
offered that a lot of these Italians that wanted to go back, I think that he paid their fare back to Italy. Send them back. Some of them did go back. Two or three of them (from here) went back. (And others, I guess, probably went elsewhe're looking for work.) No, well, they stayed here. Very few of them left, very few Italians. They all made their own way, you know, their own living. They lived on themselves. Actually, the Italians are not a people that are a burden to any nation. They work, if they get a job, any kind of a job. They don't care whether they work in a store. Whatever they do, you see. And then, during these years, they even started to make gar? dens where the Prince Street playground is now. All the Italians--it was quite a big long field there, big large field. They all took their own piece of land; they all made their own garden. They'd grow their own vegetables. (There'd be one garden after another.) Yeah, that's right. (And the peo? ple would be out there in the afternoons and the evening, working in their gardens.) Yeah, that's it, yeah. Well, you see, that was no novelty to them because they knew all about farming--that's all they did. They knew how to grow anything. It's like here, you see, in this country today, what I see strange is that we put too much emphasis on degrees, certifi? cates, you know--graduation, school. Of course, the government's to blame for this because the last 10, 15 years, 20 years, that's all they say: "Without an educa? tion, you can't get along. You've got to have an education." Everybody goes to school, everybody goes to get an educa? tion, everybody gets a certificate. Nobody Experience Winter!... Visit VICTORIA COUNTY ' Nova Scotia's Winter Playground - The New Cross-Country Ski Capital of Atlantic Canada / Pleasant Bay' Cheticamp/ An abundance of snow provides skiers annually with a Ski Season from mid-December to early Aprils • Four Nordic Ski Clubs • Exciting Loppet Series • Several Instructional CUnics • Weekend Tours provide CROSS-COUNTRY SKIERS with a great season Victoria County has over 150 kms of groomed and ungroomed trails. North Highlands Nordic Trails are groomed daily by the most sophisticated grooming equipment in Nova Scotia. ALPINE SKIERS will enjoy siding at Cape Smokey Ski Resort which has the highest vertical of any mountain in Nova Scotia ATLANTIC CUP: February 22 to 25,1990 Cape Smokey Ski Club wiQ be hosting Atlantic Canada's top young skiers. One of the events in the Atlantic Cup will be the super giant slalom: a high? speed event run on a downhill course with two jumps and several turns. ' Plan Your Vacation Around Our Winter Festival - % Wt 1990 victoria county winter games NOVA SCOTIA PROVINCIAL RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS February 10th MIDDLE RIVER Celebrate Winter with Us • January 28th to February 11th Be a Part of Our Exciting WINTER FESTIVAL! Fifteen Days of Winter Fun: Over 20 Sporting Events & a Cultural Festival with Evening Concerts For your free copy of the VICTORIA COUNTY WINTER GAMES BOOKLET outhning events and activities, please write or call: Victoria County Recreation Department, c/o WINTER GAMES FESTIVAL, P. O. Box 370, Baddeck, N. S. BOE IBO Phone (902) 295-3231 • Fax (902) 295-3444
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