Page 8 - "Cap" Cowley - A Salvage Tug Captain
ISSUE : Issue 54
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1
ter in the engine room--anything, fills right up and she'll sink. boy, she Now, the highlight of my stay down in the Mediterranean--I was down there for two years--was when the second Malta convoy, one of our cruisers, the Liverpool. got torpedoed astern, and lost her propellers. So, we were there about 90 miles from Mal? ta. And we were being attacked by every? thing they had. You know, there were Ger? mans and Italians with their aircraft and their E-boats, and submarines--the whole works. We started off with 29 merchant ships in the convoy. And there's only 4 got in; the other 25 were all lost. But anyhow, our part of it was this cruis? er- -she got damaged. And I got orders to get a line on board and tow her in. So we hooked up to her. While we were getting Celebrate COUNTY DAYS Commuiuties Throughout Cape Breton Are Waiting for You! WARM UP YOUR SUMMER!' • ' Marion Bridge • June 29 - July 8 Ciiristmas Island .. East Bay.. Donkin ''' Westmount.. Frenchvaie .. Catalone.. Florence July 15-22 • Lingan Road ... Birch Grove Scotchtown & more communities wiil be offering special events this summer!! Malcolm Munroe Jr. High School, Sydney River August 11 &12 Community Fair Blueberry Festival September 8 & 9 September 9 More events to be scheduled ... Day Camps • Fun Vans • Beach Parties Swim & Tennis Programs • Community Fairs! Food Festivals • Community Picnics Reunions • Sports Events • Craft Shows... Something for Everyone in County Days • 90! For a Sree brochure and more details on • tTlQQt5??7 IDaS'Q '(g)?, contact: CAPE BRETON COUNTY RECREATION DEPARTMENT 865 Grand Lake Road, Sydney, N. S. B1P 6W2 - TELEPHONE: 564-5541, ext. 110 ' . FAX: 564-1871 V the towline aboard, we were also being dive-bombed. But with the guns--with our guns and the guns from the cruiser--we kept the aircraft away; they didn't get a hit. So then we started towing her. It took us 5 days to get her back to Gib. And we were under attack the whole way. They really wanted to get that cruiser. So, when we got her into Gib there, they had to open up a lot of the water tank compartments had been shut, you know, and they got out about 40 bodies, of sailors that had been drowned right on the ship. And then they gave me the job with the tug of taking her out and giving them a deep- sea burial.... So, in the summer of 1943, I got word say? ing I'd been promoted to Lieutenant- Commander from Lieutenant, and to go back to London for a course. And they said, "Come back to England with the Bustler, and on your way, tow the Liverpool!" Geez, I had to get ahold of that cruiser again, tow her right up through the Bay of Bas- cay. I had to tow her all the way up, through the English Channel, into Sunder? land, for repairs. Then they said, "Well, now you can have a little vacation, and come up to the College and study." So I was there for 3 months. I sat for the exam, and I passed (a naval course and for Master's ocean-going pa? pers) . I never had any trouble with the exams. Most fellows had to go the second time. But I was always lucky, I managed to get it the first time. As soon as I got that, they promoted me to Lieutenant Commander, and sent me down to Hull to stand by a new ship, the HMRT Se- 1 272-B Prince St., Sydney • 562-3035 in Sydney Shopping Centre (across from Back Window of Scotia Banit) ~ Jhnateur Wine & 'Beer Ma'ng SuppCies & 'Equipment ' Beer Kits • Winemai'ing Kits • Grape Concentrates ?? Liquor Extracts ??Soda Extracts HOURS: 10 to 10 • Monday to Saturday CO-OP SERVICE STATION Kerosene Available Exhaust Repairs Complete Brake Service Motor Vehicle Inspection Minor Repairs Lube ~Oil ~ Greases Top Quality Low, Gasoline... 562-2315 'ow Prices 503 PRINCE ST. • SYDNEY, N. S.
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