Page 26 - With Hilda Mleczko, Glace Bay
ISSUE : Issue 54
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1
see somebody--'cause we live in a very friendly area--I'll see somebody a little bit down. I don't know her. And I'll say, "Gee, that coat looks nice on you. It matches the colour of your eyes." Or, "I like your hairdo." I don't know him from a hole in the wall. That person goes off smiling. For all I know, that one person could have been contemplating suicide. May? be they were that low they thought, "Nobody gives a damn for me--what's the use?" It didn't cost me nothing to say that. And it made me feel good. Because, you know what? It came from the heart. I believe that. I really do. I give a lot of myself like that, and it doesn't cost me anything.... I know I sound gabby to you.... But I like it--I like to do those things. Becauise God is good to me. And I feel I owe him. Well, we all do. But I feel I owe God extra. Be? cause I saw so much there, so many people-- well, my own grandfather was blown to bits in the war. As I say, I lost a boy friend in the war. That's why I'm here. Else I'd be in England now, married over there. So many people I loved weren't spared. And yet I was. And I wasn't particularly good. In a sense, I mean--I didn't 'attend church regu? larly or pay dues to the church, I didn't pray on my knees every night. I do now, though. I do now. I go on my knees to God, and in the morning I ask him for his help. And I always ask him to forgive me, if I've said something I shouldn't say, or offended anybody. And I always tell him, "I'm trying my best. But," I said, "you know that any? way." You can't keep anything from God; he knows everything... And that's what I said--from that war, there developed another Hilda, that might not have developed otherwise. Maybe I would have. Maybe I'd have gone on to ma? turity in peacetime, and I might have been even better than I am today. But I'm not knocking where I am, because I'm enjoying it. As long as people don't find me offen? sive. And I don't think they do. I know I talk a lot. But I never had anybody say, "Shut up!..." See, when you get older.... I often say this to young people. I even say it to my nephew, without meaning any offense. They love one another; it's a perfect marriage. And I said, "Yes," I said,."you love one another very much, and it's obvious. But," I said, "you don't love one another as much as you will when you're older." And he said, "That's impossible." I said, "No, it isn't." I said, "As you get older, the love deepens. It's not quite the same. You don't jump in bed every night and make love, for one thing." Pardon me for being blunt. But I mean, it's a different kind of a love. It's a different kind of a love. It's--togetherness. Now, my hus? band '11 come along from somewhere, and he'll sit in that chair for a little while, and I'm watching television. I say, "Hi, hon, want a cup of coffee?" "Yeah"-- he'll have a cup of coffee. And he'll say, "Well, I'm going to bed." Well, he goes to bed sometimes 9:30 or 10. And I'll stay up and watch "The National." Now, he's gone. But he hasn't--he's upstairs, he's in the house, he's with me. So, you see, I don't need for him to continually keep saying, "I love you, darling," and bring me flow? ers and stuff. We're together. And we know one another's thoughts. Solar Boiler Domestic Solar Hot Water • 85% of annual hot water • easy installation • 10-year limited warranty ASTERN HEAT PUMP 102 REEVES ST. SYDNEY 564-4141 The only key to trouble-free and long car life is regular and careful maintenance. For over 25 years, maintenance • solely of European cars • has been our occupation. If you don't wish to maintain your car, neither do we!! If you do, we'd like to help!! EUROCAR SERVICE LTD. 649 WESTMOUNT ROAD SYDNEY 564-9721 MAYFLOWER MALL - Grand L CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA 539-5080 iver - 564-8151 DRUG STORES 15 % DISCOUNT TO SENIORS LAST THURSDAY EACH MONTH Free Delivery in the Sydney Area
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