Page 34 - Joe Neil MacNeil Stories from English into Gaelic
ISSUE : Issue 54
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1
and they went with the music--followed his music. So there, it worked. But they could never get the children back because they wouldn't come. They stayed with him, and supposedly, in the mountain they were with him. Well, there it is. I learned that when I--I liked that one very much. (Would you also tell that story to someone?) Well, no. Of course, every? body had the story. That's the great trou? ble. There was no use telling the stories, and everybody had it.... I never went in for telling English stories. But I translated some, later. Into Gaelic. (Stories that were not Gaelic stories.) No, they were in the schoolbooks. And whether they originally came from Gaelic, I don't know--but I translated them over to Gaelic. I translated "The Man in the Desert"--the man that met the merchant that told them about the camel they had lost. And I translated (the story) about the honest woodman, when his axe dropped into the river. I suppose it was a special goddess or whatever came and passed up an axe. And it was a golden axe. "No," he says--that wasn't his. Then he passed him up a silver one--no, it still wasn't his axe. And then he passed him up the other one. He says that this is yours--"This, indeed, is yours," he said. "And being you were so honest," he says, "I'll give you the other two." So--he didn't want the axe but the one that belonged to himself.... I taped a lot of them (in Gaelic) for Jim Watson over at lona (at the Nova Scotia Highland Village). I must have translated 4 or 5 of them. I put them all on tape for him. Observation / Beachdnachadh anns an Fliasach "Observation" was the name of (an)other one. That was the man that told the mer? chants about the camel. He told them that, he said, "You've lost a camel." And they said, "Yes." So he asked them was he not lame on the left leg, the left foreleg. "Yes." "And was he not blind in the right eye?" And he said, "And has he not lost a front tooth?" "Yes." So then he said, "And was he not laden with corn on one side and honey on the other?" "Well," they said, "yes." They said, "But what about the jew- / I smms ' Compete Sefection of O'tisicaf Instruments & SuppCies Cape (Breton Recordings Autktntic Cape Breton 'Handcrafts Located In the NORTH SYDNEY MALL King Street, North Sydney • Phone: 794-4240 "Ih-op in and see me!" - 9{oiiAe 'ac'DonaCd Seadh, sgeulachd air beachdnachadh. Thachair fear ri ceannaichean-suibhail, na marsantan, agus thuirt e riutha, "Chaill sibh c'mhal." "Chaill." "Agus, a'robh e crCibach air a'chois dheis?" Thuirt 'ad ris gu robh. "Agus a'robh e dall air an t-siiil chli?" "Seadh." "Agus an do chaill e fia- caill a aghaidh a bhe6il?" "Seadh." "Agus bha e," ors* esan, "air a luchda- chadh air an aon taobh le arbhar buainte." Thuirt 'ad ris gu robh. "Agus le mil air an taobh eile." "Seadh." "Ach," ors' as-an, "c'if a'bheil na seu? dan: a'chuid bu luach mh6ir' uile dhe 'n t-eallach? Bhon a chunnaig thu e cho soil- F. MacLEOD SIDING LTD. LICENSED AND BONDED UNDER DIRECT SELLERS ACT Vertical & Horizontal Sliders Store Fronts Commercial Steel Siding Aluminum Siding Replacement Windows Doors & Steel Entrances Solid Vinyl Siding Casements & Awning Shutters (Custom Made in Our Plant) VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS ALL TYPES ROOFING IMPROVEMENTS 'Your House Matters to You, So You Matter to Us" MOBILE 551-4683 564-6746 107 ARGYLE ST. SYDNEY SERVING CAPE BRETON ISLAND Young & Son Maritime KJH Marlin S'f/ Travei OR TOLL FREE 1-800-565-1538 .>NVxete' jxet ' Mayflower Mall | 564-0600 Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 9 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
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