Page 42 - Danny Mike Chaisson, Belle Cote
ISSUE : Issue 54
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1
Hie Credit Unkm DifiEerence. Discover It Rirbi]tself. Today. When you join the Credit Union, you become a member-shareholder, not just a customer. That means you can have an equal say, an equal share in how things are done. You can be sure that the decisions the credit union makes are made right at home. Another Credit Union difference is that we're always looking for new, irmovative ways to improve our services for you. And by operating close to home and listening to you, we're able to offer you flexible financial services based on your needs. Something else comes with being a Credit Union member • peace of mind through security. With financial safeguards built in, the Credit Union is a safe, sure place to save. Best of all, as a Credit Union member you can expect a good return on your savings and a fair rate of interest when you borrow. The Credit Union Difference. Discover it for yourself. Today. NEW WATERFORD CREDIT UNION LTD. 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Irish Cove (828-2326) Inverness rlene credit union ltd| Inverness (258-2045) LOUISDALE credit UNION LTD. Louisdale (345-2015) L'ARDOISE CREDIT UNION LTD. L'Ardoise (587-2414) MIDDLE RIVER CREDIT UNION LTD. Middle River (295-2572) ST. COLUMBA CREDIT UNION LTD. lona (622-2626) RESERVE MINES CREDIT UNION LTD. Reserve Mines (849-4583) COADY CREDIT UNION LTD. 98 West Ave., Glace Bay (849-7610) STEEL CENTRE CREDIT UNION LTD. 340 Prince St., Sydney (562-5559) LOUISBOURG CREDIT UNION LTD. Louisbourg (733-2540) MAIN-A-DIEU CREDIT UNION LTD. Main-a-Dieu (733-2555) ST. JOSEPH'S CREDIT UNION LTD. Petit-de-Grat (226-2288) LEMOYNE CREDIT UNION LTD. Grand Etang (224-2015) CHETICAMP CREDIT UNION LTD. Cheticamp (224-2055) RIVERDALE CREDIT UNION LTD. Lower River Inhabitants (625-0613) RIVER BOURGEOIS CREDIT UNION LTD River Bourgeois (535-3101) THE CREDIT UNION, ffiUOSlGS'IOYCXJANDME somewheres around the place, that I had for that. Many's the one I pushed down. (Emma: What did you use Listerine for. Dad?) Oh, not much on that. Maybe on a sore or cut or--say something's going to beal, before that beal breaks out, you know? (Would horses and cows get boils?) Yes, sometimes. When it would get at a certain stage, you'd open them out. And then, there was another thing that used to cause some trouble was a warbler fly. It's a fly inserts something in the skin, and then you get a boil. A boil like. After awhile, when it's ready, you can squeeze it like a--like a worm, you'd squeeze it, when it was right, and then it could come up. You never saw a warbler? (No, I didn't. And you'd squeeze it, and that would come out.) Yeah. When it was ripe. But if you didn't--if you happened now--I've seen it sometimes right under the saddle, you know. And if that would squeeze in there, then you were in trou? ble. It would squeeze and then start fes? tering, and then you had a mess.... (Now, in the Scottish parts of the island, they often talk about the Evil Eye.) Oh. yeah. (Did they have that about here?) It was talked about, but there was nothing to it. That was just like if I wish you were somewheres else today instead of in here. You might have something going wrong with you. But that was all there was to it. You might as well wish for the sun. There was a lot of sicknesses caused by ill feed or wrongdoing of a man, that would cause an animal to act--and they blame it on the evil eye. To me it was all negligence or ill feed or something. As far as the evil eye, that's out. It's just like believing in ghosts. Just about the same. Evil eye and the ghosts, to me, are about the same. (There's no truth at all....) No. As far as I'm concerned. Because, I've been bad enough, if there were any ghosts, the dev? il would come around me--I'd have seen him Skye Motor Hotel and Licensed Restaurant 48 Comfortable Units * Free Colour Pay-TV (902)625-1300 P.O.BOX 190 PORT HASTINGS n.s.boe2to - Open All Year at the Canso Causeway - CONNORS @i'!% Typewriters * Typewriter Rentals * Photo Copy Service Drafting Supplies * Office Supplies * Calculators Artist Supplies * Laminating Service * Office Furniture GBC Punch & Bind Machines * Canon Personal Copiers Your One-Stop Shop In Cape Breton 1 Phone (902) 562-7900 Fax #539-8672 350 Charlotte Street, Sydney
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