Page 65 - From Visits with John A. MacIsaac
ISSUE : Issue 54
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1
herring. Ho, ho--that was it. She knew then. She got them the herring and potatoes.... (These are all different trips....) Oh yes, dear, yes. Because I walked that so many times. (So another time, when you left Eng? lishtown, and you got as far as Smokey-- Raymond gave out.) His eyes. And mine, too. But he got an old pair of coloured glasses, which helped. So when Raymond slept--he , slept on till 3 o'clock. And I said I'd have to wake him because it took that to go over to--I had an uncle over in Ingonish Centre. So we were to make there that eve? ning. But his eyes were a little better. And then the glasses--and the evening, the sun was getting duller. So it didn't take so much effect. So we made Uncle Angus's some time late in the evening. (Walked over Smokey in the middle of win? ter. Did you have a road to follow?) No road. No road, not a track. Not a track from Ingonish to Neil's Harbour. (Were you on top of the snow?) Then, we'd sink so much in it. but the snow was heavy. And lots of places, you know, ones on snow- shoes were on the road. And when you made a snowshoe track, and the snow's a little damp, when it froze--that'd carry you. So we managed not too bad, that way. (How many years did you work in the woods at St. Ann's--the Oxford Paper Company?) Oh, quite a few, dear, quite a few. Quite a few drives out there. Go up in the spring, take out the drive, and then go back. oh. along the first week. 8th or 10th of July. And then I'd come out. The flies--I couldn't take the flies. The flies--they'd drive me. Punch the life out of me. And I'd have to quit. Then I'd go home and haymake. There was always some? thing to do then, home. (Yes, summertime.) Yeah, summertime.... When I started out, I was 15--when I started to earn. And it was me that took the things up. I was the oldest. And I was to go away. A lot of my schoolmates were going at that time. So, I had a chance to go--take up whatever trade I wanted. So when it came to that, and my mother espe- cially then--I was the oldest, I was the one that, I suppose, they were depending. So she sighed and said, "Oh, we'll see you a day now and then, I suppose." That's all she said. And I was thinking too. And I said, "If that's the way you want it, all right. That's the way you'll have it." So I stayed with them. I was born at Aspy Bay, Cape North, 1898, July the 4th, 1898. SERVING CAPE BRETON • READY MIX CONCRETE • CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS • PATIO BLOCKS PRIME BROOK, SYDNEY 539-5217 STOP AT DING'S fresh baked goods * souvenirs magazines * film * charcoal gifts * novels * camp fuel * ice Ingonish One Stop Store & Restaurant STAY AT DINO'S Trailer Park Laundromat close to the National Park Ingonish Gas Tank Replacements & Repairs For Personal Efficient Service: Call 539-2122 Sydney Radiator 20 Years a Family Business 2 Years Warranty on Ail Parts * We Accept VISA & l4ASTERCARD New Heaters & Radiators or Repairs We Service and Ship 121 Prince Street, Sydney Anywhere on cape Breton island 65
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