Page 68 - From Visits with John A. MacIsaac
ISSUE : Issue 54
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1
There's still life in you, and there's still entertainment in you, and I think you still enjoy being with people.) Yeah. But even so, dear. Even so. When the Lord'11 call you, you're going. That's all there is to it. Whatever time that might be--whether it be tomorrow, or a week from tomorrow, or a year from to? morrow. That all. When He calls you, you goes. That's all. (But that's better than giving up on us.) Oh, yes. No. No, I don'-t say to give up trying to live, no. No, to try to do your best--which I'm trying to do. I'm trying to go along the best I can, with the ones I'm with. (I know you've known some sadness lately.) Yeah. I'm sad, dear. I'm sad and lonely. (But you're still a valuable man....) Then, when I go to sleep, that's what gen? erally wakes me, is dreaming. I'll be dreaming about that, and that's so real there, that it'll wake me. (And what do you dream about?) Oh, then, I dream about some Fraser's Deli & Convenience Fresh Daily Home Baking Deli * Meats * Cheeses ONE STOP CONVENIENCE Union at Amelia • GLACE BAY • 849-2090 All about the FiflySomething Gereration. / 'w of my school mates, and parents, and stuff like that--that have been around--ones I've been around with. No bad dreams, like that, no. Be at a time or at a party, or some? thing like that, that I'd be. (It's all people that you knew from long ago?) Yeah. (Of your relatives, John A., who lived the longest?) Donald MacLean, he lived the longest. He was 107; that's what they say he was. (And how long through his life was he able to do work?) Like I told you, all them old crooked and knotty spruce chunks--it was him that split them. They wouldn't split them. But he would. And he was very active around. I can remember going, him with the horse and cart down to the beach for eel- grass. You may say he was working pretty near up to his death. (The knotty spruce chunks--this is firewood that the others weren't bothering to....) Split. Yes. (Too tough?) Too tough and knotty. Jiminy Christ, quite big chunks, probably that size. (Like a barrel.) Some? thing like that, only not quite so big as a barrel. Then he'd split that with wedges. He'd make wedges, and drive the wedge, pound down with an axe till he'd get it open a little. Then put his wedge there, and then drive the wedge. And then when it'd open up a little more, he'd put anoth? er wedge over here, and open this up more. So he'd get it split. Because I saw him at it. I wouldn't believe it, only my own eyes Seniors'Expo HaliLt,']N.S. Presenting Atlantic Canada's first exposition devoted to the opportunities, needs and choices for Canada's seniors • the FtftySometlting Generation. ' • '. • *? EintCrt'inniCIltl seniors Expo is two days of exhibits. The Mainstage features Nova Scotia's own talented singers, dancers and musicians plus??ste//e Getty ("Ma" from TV's Golden Girls), CatlierineMcKinnon, CharlieParquliarson and The Men of the Deeps. > Seniors' Expo is two days of exhibits. Business opportunities, education, recreation, travel, leisure activities, housing, health screening and arts and crafts. dvIllJLllML9? Seniors' Expo is two days of learning. More than 30 seminars on topics like financial planning, travel, fitness and life long learning just to name a few. Seniors' Expo has something for everyone! Brought to you, in part, by ] THE ROYAL BANK Exhibits! DRUGS'''BBS "'fcji*''' Province of Vl'V NovaScotia Senior Citizens* Secretariat '0ii M ? MMirNava AirCanada CiTAEXL Inn Halifax
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