Page 1 - Stories From Inverness County
ISSUE : Issue 12
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/12/1
stories from Inverness County Annie MacPhee; Bessie MacLeod; and Robert Hubbard with his daughter Christene. '''I.'''''''AJ''''''' '??*'- ?' "'''' '''?** *'' * • ' • ? '''a*. about two miles* One Sunday I told Bessie, "I'm going down and see Uncle Angus." It was in the Fall iSS*?v 'T'ffV-"' 'tJ"' *''5'' '' '?" talking. A neighbor came, 5Se MacD'nkSr And my uncle was an awful man for stories. Fearful. If he was living he'd fill a HrLdrtir-r'i''''S 't""'' fS'''i ***'''*?- I '*??'* ??i"<' 'ile I was in the house* He made tea* Got dark. So I said about 10 o?clock, "I must go horae." "Look." he V'W 1}'""''' ?' 'P *'** '?*' '' 'O" filled m' dining room full of looldollar rJii?* w'K T'''l!*' 5*?%'* MacDonald was coming half ways wiiS Se* So I waSall oif '?S?! *Lf*H**5*'i ' l'f* Macponald-I started to think to myself of all ?hose Sil,'''* *'** died. I got to a place down here they call the Devil's Bridge. And s?JSiS 'T'r'?* ''' * dirty hole, all alders, I heard a pig* 11 o'clock at nigh?? i stopped. T'e pig came out. Pig was as black as tar* "well," i said, "the devil for the pig wuld stop. Right alongside of me. I seen the house. I said, "Okay" • it wJs o?d"?2"i?: '?*" Devil, you'll not get to hell tonight, when I git a hold of th' 2i?,. ?;??*?'S*it' '5'S m the house full run. He followed me to the step. I shut the door and I hollered for Bessie • she was in bed • and I asked her where wis the 12- lif 'fofwS'ml "Tt is *$J" ' **'' "'' '''' " outsiSe. A bllck pS, the L vii, tollowed me," I said. She came down and says* "Where? wher*-?" t '''' tt'I X?+ n She went out, she went round the house-I was lookinrlor tS"Sn. I S'rd hS ' squealing, making for in the house. She says, "He's there all light." Belsle Sac- iS ?he SiuSe' S?it*t?r2J?* ''Vt'dl'"" R.: wen. the door was S'ei, ?hf pig''SS'e in the house. What the hell was it but my neighbor's pig broke out. And he went un the mines and he rolled in the dirt, in the coal-and it '1 stuck to him Sslie? Sok!d''J.:SK?'**4"? "''"' l'S 12-gaige for to shoot his nSgh??o??s pig! Sit hi looked terrible. He came right in the house, yes. John R.: I put him Sit and th. SIL''JS! *''*'- ?'' 'f' fishing. And they'w4re sl2epiS| on TcoucS SJi Sere! And after they came home, the pig came in, in the dark, and didn't he go do' and 'o nS der the couch and threw the boys on their backs out on the floor A'dthS 'iif''SS" iSiL'lelsi' t. iSr; fSL''''* '"'r.'' '''' p'' SSd they SiSi.fto5S%f'ii'!'' !?J' 5!?! S'l? !'* neighbor came up the next day. W6 were after getting hS out '?f'hS'5ffn*Mu'''''- "' "''l *' **'* '''"* <>f *'? 'o • '' he du| a hSfe fSr Sim. self that deep. "My, ray, my," he says, "vAere did my pig come from/So he took him home, came up with a horse and cart aid took him home; But that 2!Jin?? a fai?y tale.* CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE, NUMBER TWELVE WRECK COVE, CAPE BRETON, NOVA SCCXTIA SECOND CLASS MAIL • REGISTRATION NUMBER 3014 A Member of the Canadian Periodical Publishers' Association
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