Page 100 - Estwood Davidson: Travels with Beattie and Winston
ISSUE : Issue 54
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1
And I never as much as tasted it from that day till this. And I quit smoking pretty near the same way. (I'm really quite grateful that the three of you went into the studio as often as you did, and recorded something that's fairly permanent for us, for now and for the fu? ture. Because there's a lot of fiddlers who didn't leave us anything. We have to be grateful that you fellows did that.) Well, probably, yes, that's one way of looking at it. We really accomplished something. Billy Hook told me the same words. I said, "God, I don't know. Sometimes I wonder why in hell I put myself through that, and played all that, and went through the hardships--snowstorms and ice storms, and frigging old cars with heaters no good, and tires blowing out, and everything." And Billy always used to say to me, "Look what you left behind." He said, "That should answer your question right there, why you played all those years." I think he was right, probably. Yes, I suppose you could say we'll leave something behind. I'm the only one left. When I'm gone, probably they'll say, "They left something behind!" Our ttianks to Sonny MacPtierson, Sydney, wtio introduced us to Estwood Davidson. Readers will also want to see tlie conversation "With Winston 'Scotty' Fitzgerald, Fiddler" in Issue 46 of Cape Breton's Magazine. Fiddlers will want, as well, the several tunes as played by Winston, transcribed in Issue 39. And again, Beattie Wallace is discussed briefly in a visit with her mother, Gertie Boutilier Turnbull, in issue 50. Ail of these articles include fiddle tunes. Thanks to Allister and Beverly MacGillivray for their copies of photographs of Angus "Mossy" and Annie MacKinnon, which ap- peared in their book A Cape Breton Ceilidh, available in stores & from R.R. 2, Marion Bridge, N.S. BOA IPO ($21.95 postage included). The newly renovated Inverness Lodge HOTEL & MOTEL ?? Licensed Family Dining ?? Coloured Cable TV • 26 Units • Full Baths Overlooking the Sunset View of the Ocean ' ~ Supervised Beach ~ We are located in the Heart of Inverness Town 100 (902)258-2193 OPEN YEAR ROUND Your Host: Hugh Wallace Complete Your Collection of Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald Music! #1: Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald: House Parties and 78s Two tapes in one • 90 minutes: the 78s (with Beattie Wallace & Estwood Davidson) plus, on Side 2, Winston at house parties (both solo, & accompanied by piano or guitar) $10.00 The Original LP Recordings, on Cassette Tapes: #2: Canada's Outstanding Scottisli Fiddler • Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald (CX 17) With Estwood Davidson & Beattie Wallace $6.95 #3: Winston Fitzgerald & His Radio Entertainers (CX 5-34) $6.95 #4: It's New • Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald (CX 5-40) $6.95 #5: The Inimitable Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald (CX 544) With Catherine Ann Lamey & Estwood Davidson $6.95 #6: Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald (SCX 5-59) With Estwood & Beattie $6.95 Available on cassette tape only. Tapes #2 through #6 are $6.95 each. Note: Tape #1 is $10.00 (Nova Scotia residents add 10% sales tax to total order). Send cheque, money order, or VISA number & expiry date to: CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE, Wreck Cove, Nova Scotia BOC 1H0 J
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