Page 5 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs
ISSUE : Issue 55
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1
from him. ("Howard Currie.") He's a fellow that committed suicide, he hung himself in his cell. He got in with the wrong people. Rose: ("Howard Currie" is) one of Joe Scott's songs. He had so much nature in his songs. Helen: Oh, you'd know Joe Scott's soon as you'd start. He has so much feeling into it, you know. First, how I liked Joe Scott, it brings me back to (the song) "The Plain Golden Band." Where he had this girl--he fell in love with her. And he loved her so much, and she went back on him. And that finished him, finished his life. You know. He was broken-hearted over her. And the last line he wrote, where he made this little place by himself, you know, clear of everything. How does that last line go? "In a clear shady forest not far, far away/ Where the deer loves to roam and the fawn loves to play;/ Where all na? ture looks gay and the scene's wild but grand,/ There the author you'll find of the Plain Golden Band." So he made this--that's where he made this little place when this girl turned him down--this Lizzie that he was in love with. Rose; I think, really, that Joe Scott made "The True Lovers' Conversation." Helen: Oh, I'm sure he did. Rose: Though we never found out, really, who the author was. But it's so much like his songs. Helen: It was an old song. And one day (Jimmy) was here, and (I) went to my moth? er's to look to her, and do something for her, and picked her up. So when I came back, I said, "What did you do today?" He said. "Well, I sang, and I made a tape." I said, "Who's that for?" "For you," he said. And I said, "Which song?" He said, "The True Lovers' Conversation." And then he played it. (And you think maybe Joe Scott made that.) Well, really, from the talk. I think he did. We're not sure, be? cause we're not sure who the author was. There was never (an) author. CAPE BRETON REGIONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY TRANSIT M' ft INFO iftfc 539-8124 PEOPLE ON THE MOVE Rose Curtis Burton, Heien's daughter (Where did he get "The True Lovers' Conver? sation"? How did he learn it?) I don't know, myself. Rose; I think Daddy heard it out of an old, old songbook. Or the Family Herald. Helen; Yes, they used to get those beauti? ful (songs)--did you ever see any? No, you never got (the Family Herald). Oh, there were all kinds of lovely songs. (There was an "Old Favorites" column of poems and songs in the Family Herald.) And (Jimmy's) mother (Elizabeth MacNeil) saved them. You lost (the) book, didn't you? Rose: Yes. (when) I lost my trailer. Helen: She had all the old songs from the Family Herald--her grandmother. And she left the book to (Rose) before she died. (Rose's) trailer was smashed with the storm down here.... Pay for a Room, StayinaSuite. ?? Complimentary Continental Breakfast ?? Separate Living and DiningAreas "Microwave, Fridge, Coffeemaker, Dishes ?? Weekly Mana? ger's Reception & Rooftop Barbe? cues Halifax 1583 Brunswick St. Halifax, N.S. B3J 3P5 902 420-0555 1-800-565-1263 ?? Complimentary Grocery Shop? ping Service ?? Remote Control T', Inroom Movies ?? Daily Maid Service ?? 'Tiirlpool, Sauna, Fitnesi Centre ?? Res? taurant ?? Rates De- - < crease with Length ' ' of Stay CAMBRIDGE S U IT E S Sydney 380 Esplanade Sydney, N.S. BIPIBI 902 562-6500 1-800-565-9466
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