Page 6 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs
ISSUE : Issue 55
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1
Rose: You know, when the Family Herald would come. Grandmoth? er MacNeil-- Lizzie--would sit and sing them. She seemed to know the air of them. Monica McNenly. Helen's daughter: She had the post of? fice. Helen; That's a story in itself. You'll have to tell him. Rose; She used to sing. People would gather there when the mail came. She Elizabeth lUlacNeii • Lizzie, Jimmy Curtls's mother would also read to them, wouldn't she? Hel? en; Read the stories that would be into it. (Lizzie would sing to the people who were gathering?) Rose: For the mail. It wasn't just sort of passed out, like, through a little slot. They came in, and had to be a visit. Helen: They'd have their cup of tea and.... I forget how many years she kept that post office--an awful long time. -(And she'd sing songs from the Family Her? ald for the 'people there?) Yes. (And she'd read the stories?) Yes. Rose; And often they were continued. So people would be so anxious for the next edition to come. And BERNIE'S BAKERY LTD. 12 Meadow Street Sydney, N. S. Ph. 562-3139 • Good Eating • Bon Appetit • Smacznego "Baking bread the Polish way since 1929*' The secret to our quality is truly original recipes baited in a 17th century bricit design oven. Le secret de notre quality c'est les vraises recettes originales cuites au four k briques de 17e si6cle Open Wednesday to Sunday Inclusive 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ouvert de Mercredl h dimanche de 9H k 18H. I Lite Rye Bread • Dark Rye Bread I French Style Bread ?? Oat Bran Bread I Italian Style Bread • Dinner Rolls I Syrian Style Bread • Raisin Bread I Jewish Style "Challah" Bread I Polish Style Bread "Paska" I Homestyle White Bread I Whole Wheat Bread I Polish Style Poppy Seed Buns I Jewish Style Bagel Rolls I Cinnamon Rolls I Onion Buns I Buns with Raisins I Raspberry Rolls I Apple Buns • Lemon Buns I European Style Old Country Pan Pizza I Polish Style Dessert "Apple Placek" Pain de Seigle Blanchi • Pain de Seigle Fonc6 Pain Style Francals • Pain de Son d'Avoine Pain Style Italien • Petits Pains Croustillants Pain Style Syrien • Pain aux Raisins Sees Pain "Challah" Style Juif Pain Style Polanais "Paska" Pain Blanc Style Maison Pain de Bid Entier 100% Brioches aux Graines de Pavot Style Polonais i Bagels Petits Pains Style Juif Petits Pains i la cannelle Petits Pains aux Oignons Petits pains aux Raisins Sees Brioches aux Framboises Brioches aux Pommes • Brioches au Citron Pizza au Plat du Vieux-Canton Style European I Placek aux Pommes un Dessert Style Polonais I would definitely appear that day for the mail, SO that they would get the continuing.... She used to (read), too. for a couple of old guys. Monica: People who couldn't read. Rose: Now. you'd never hear tell of the like of that. Monica; Who will take the time, now? (Well, I think that's what our whole story is really about, isn't it?) Helen; Yes. (When you talk to me about these songs and you say, "Oh, no, we couldn't do that one in a concert because it was too slow, or people'd find it too draggy. or the story was so long." But in your home, people would take time for one another, and you would sit there, and the story would be long.) Rose; It was a story. Because all the songs were really stories. Helen; Yes, it was real facts of life--you know, things that happened.... (And a lot of the songs that were learned here came out of the Family Herald.) Yes, a lot. An awful lot of the songs. (And) the North Svdnev Herald. I got the song about the loss of the fishermen in that storm, the sealers. (What air did you put to that?) "The Lake of Pontchartrain," that's the only one. It suited the song. Come harken all you fishermen that hardships have to stand And you'll hear of the terrible tragedy on board of the Newfoundland. When eighty of our brave fishermen, this sad news we for to write, Found dead and more found dying, in the storm of Tuesday night. • from "The Newfoundland' (You told me that Tim MacDougall taught you "The Lake of Pontchartrain." Is Tim living now?) Helen; No. dear, he was drowned out of Boston. He was fishing out of Boston Harbour. (Any idea how that hap? pened?) No. they don't seem to know what happened. He was only shortly married. BERNIE'S BAKERY LTD. Siuberges lUJflnDLvn Welcome ''''' You to 50 Modern Relaxing Rooms & Great Dining at Great Prices WANDLYN INN 100 King's Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia BIS 1A1 (902) 539-3700 TOLL FREE: 1-800-561-0000 (Canada) 1-800-561-0006 (U. S.) Senior Citizen Discount Your Home Away From Home
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