Page 7 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs
ISSUE : Issue 55
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1
too, a short time. They were sailing along. And one of the crew said the last he saw him he was walking along, and he stooped down and brushed his pants like that. The next thing, he had disappeared. So they never found his body. I was married and living at White Point. You know, down there visiting. They were fishing down there, (Tim) and his father and brother Dan. So they had a little house right above us--a little summer home. And they'd be back and forth to the house. They were all singers and pipers and violin players. They were talented and full of mu? sic. So, he had this song. I said. "Oh, Timmy, teach me the song." So he sang it a few times, and I picked up the air.... I was pretty young. But I'd pick up a song right quick. Or an air. You know, if I ev? er heard it, I'd always remember it or I'd have a line of it. I was quick. I loved singing and I loved music and I loved songs. Perhaps I'd, you know, be humming it in the day, and then I'd forget it. And perhaps when I'd lay down at night, I'd be going over--wouldn't it come to me. Rose, on another dav. a Nova Scotia is alive with sounds calling you to a time of scenic surprises, maritime folkways, rollicking festivals and down home fun. The sounds of Nova Scotia ... you'll hear them in your heart forever. June21-Aug. 25 Festival on the Bay, Glace Bay June28-Sept. 2 The Ship's Company Theatre, Parrsboro July 2 - September 2 Chester Theatre Festival, Chester July 3-Sept. 23 Festival Antigonish, Antigonish July 14 - August 18 Centre Bras d'Or Festival of the Arts, Baddeck July 27 - August 6 Atlantic Jazz Festival, Halifax July27-Aug. 6 Halifax Natal Day - "Festival '90", Halifax Aug. 1 - 5 Mahone Bay Wooden Boat Festival, Mahone Bay August 2 - 6 Natal Days, Annapolis Royal Aug. 3-5 Le Festival de I'Escaouette, Cheticamp August 3 - 5 Mud Creek Days, Wolfs'ille August 3-12 Hubbards Festival Week, Hubbards Aug. 4 - 6 Natal Day Weekend Celebrations, Dartmouth Aug. 5-11 Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod, St. Ann's August 5, 12, 19, 26 & Sept. 2 (Sundays) Acadian/Scottish Concerts, Cheticamp Aug. 6-12 Festival Acadien "Chez-nous a Pombcoup", West Pubnico August 8-11 Shelburne County Exhibition, Shelburne See the Sounds of Nova Scotia! Aug. 9 -12 Sam Slick Days, Windsor Aug. 9-12 Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, Lunenburg Aug. 9-12 Scallop Days, Digby Aug. 9-18 Buskers '90, Halifax August 10 -12 Country Bluegrass & Old Time Jam Session, Delaps Cove Aug. 10 -12 Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council Summer Crafts Market, Halifax Aug. 10-12 Rockhound Round-Up, Parrsboro August 13-18 Annapolis Valley Exhibition, Lawrencetown, Annapolis County Aug. 13 -19 Festival Acadien a Ste-Anne-du- Ruisseau, Ste-Anne-du-Ruisseau August 14 - 19 Cape Breton Exhibition, North Sydney August 15-18 Halifax County Exhibition, Middle Musquodoboit August 15-19 Festival Acadien de Petit-de-Grat, Petit-de-Grat Aug. 15 -19 Hector Festival, Pictou August 17-18 Downcast Old Time FiddUng Contest, Lower Sackville August 17 - 19 Triple "D" - Bluegrass & Old Time Country Music Festival, Black Rock, King's County August 18-19 International Woodsmen's Competition, Greenfield August 18 - 19 Cape Breton Fiddlers Association Summer Festival, St. Ann's August 19 Ben Eoin Fiddle & Folk Festival, Ben Eoin Aug. 19 Clam Harbour Beach Sandcastle and Sculpture Contest, Clam Harbour August 20-25 Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition, Bear River Aug. 25 Feast of St. Louis, Louisbourg August 28 - September 1 Cumberland County Exhibition, Oxford August 29 - September 3 Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition, Antigonish September 5 - 8 Pictou County - North Colchester Exhibition, Pictou September 5-9 Waverley Gold Rush Days, Waverley September 11-16 Hants County Exhibition, Windsor Sept. 15-16 Shearwater International Air Show, Shearwater September 19 - 23 Nova Scotia Fisheries Exhibition, Lunenburg September 21-30 Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax September 28 - 29 Helen Creighton Folklore Festival, Dartmouth For information, call Check In: In Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island toll-free 1-800-565-0000 In Halifax/Dartmouth 425-5781 1990 NOm SCOTIA FESTimLS & EVENTS lone; I heard Daddy say that his un? cle. Tommy Brown, worked in the woods. Now, I be? lieve it was in Maine--some part of Maine--and then again it could have been New Brunswick, I'm not sure. And Joe Scott was working there at the time. And I remember of Daddy telling us that his uncle told him--when they'd be going in the woods in the morning, (Joe Scott) would be composing, you know, bits of songs. And he'd be writing them with a little switch or twig in the snow, as he'd be going along. But this Tommy Brown, Dad's un? cle, learned the words of most of those songs. I'm sure probably all of Joe Scott's songs that Dad knew, he learned them from Tommy Brown. Tommy Brown learned them from Joe Scott himself. (Now Joe Scott would go out in the morning, your dad said, he'd be composing....) As he was going along, yeah. He'd be writing the line, like, in the snow, with a
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