Page 9 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs
ISSUE : Issue 55
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1
was going on. Because they would do the entertaining.... (Did they usually sing together when they were invited out?) Oh, yes. Of course, he would sing, you know, a number of songs alone. Whatever ones that he sang alone. But they sang songs together, as well. One very popular one in that area was "Jimmy and Janey." He used to sing one part and she'd sing the other verse.... An old Indian sat down In his birchbarfc canoe As he gently sailed over the waters so blue He sang of the time when the land was their own, Before those palefaces among them were known. • from 'The Indian's Lament' Helen; And the choice that they always asked me to sing, myself--if I was any? where visiting, or if they'd come to visit us--it would be "Howard Currie." (And was "Howard Currie" your own favourite?) No, (Helen, if Jimmy wanted to start the singing--what would be the first song he would sing?) Helen: That he liked the best? His favourite? "The Indian's Lament." (And would that be the first one he would sing in an evening?) Well, no, not always. But, you know, whatever choice that friends who were in, whatever one they'd like. But he'd go over all those, perhaps, before they'd leave. Perhaps there'd be 10 or 12 songs he'd sing. (He wouldn't say, "Well, let me sing this one instead.") No, no. Their choice. But he'd say then, after he'd sing a volume of the songs, he'd say. "Now, did you ever hear this song?" And he'd sing it for them. EDISCOVER YOUR ROOTS Visit the N.S. Highland Village and experience pioneer life in Nova Scotia from 1800 to the 1920s. Visit displays of early architecture, in? cluding the only known replica of a "Taigh Dubh" (Black House) in North America. Our costumed staff are friendly and trained in conver? sational Gaelic and local history. Facilities include an outdoor stage and amphitheatre for concerts, the largest being our annual Highland Village Day on the first Saturday in August Our Reception Building contains interesting displays as well as a small gift shop. It also houses "Highland Roots" • a computerized program offering genealogical information to those people interested in their family history. The village is open daily from June 15 to September 15. For more information write or phone: N.S. Highland Village Box 58, lona, N. S. BOA ILO (902) 725-2272 40 YEARS OF SERVICE TO CAPE BRETON ?ifc CljtlJrren'a AiJi g'ocietg of Olapc Breton 9 "A UNITED WAV SERVICE AGENCY" INTAKE HOME STUDIES PROTECTION FOSTER HOMES ADOPTION problem identification; referral support services; crisis intervention all ages, in permanent homes CHILDREN IN CARE I Suite 7, Provincial Building, 360 Prince Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia BIP 5L1 (562-5506) I SINGLE MOTHERS counselling; support I THE COMMUNITTS RESPONSffilLITY IS TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN I counselling; support
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