Page 14 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs
ISSUE : Issue 55
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1
(Where was Willie Dunphy found?) Down at White Point, on the beach. They were out fishing--they had trawls out. And they were hauling the trawls. It was the 28th day of December--two days after Christmas. And when they came and told me first. A woman came, and she had the telegram. And Joseph was right in the thick of the fight then. (The Second World War.) They were up in Ita- NOTICE to Cape Breton Employees and Employers EflFective March 5th, claims adjudication and claims processing services be? came available through the Sydney office of Workers' Compensation. Employees and Employers should forward all injury claims to the Sydney office for quick efficient service. Client services now offered through the Sydney office include claims processing, medical, vocational rehabili? tation, counselling and assessment. This means that 95% of claims from Cape Breton workers will be processea in Sydney. Now more than ever, it pays to belong! 5668 South Street. Post Office Box 1150, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3 J 2Y2 Telephone: (902) 424-8440 Sydney Medical Arts Building, 336 Kings Road, Suite 117, Sydney, Nova Scotia BIS 1A9 Telephone: (902) 563-2444 ly that time, you know. And he was a gunner on one of those tanks--that was his job. And this woman came in, and she had a telegram. They kept a telephone, and they used to, you know--that's the way--they'd call in, and she'd come and deliver the message. So, I was upstairs. And Jimmy came up and he said, "I've got very bad news for you." "Oh," I said, "Jo- Iseph is gone." It was him I thought of, never thinking about my brother, being well and everything. And he said, "No," He said. "It's Willie." I said. "What hap? pened?" He said. "He's drowned." (How was he drowned?) They went out and they hauled their trawls. And there was quite a breeze came up. And it went through this, like rocks-- and one part is the land and the other part is kind of an island, separated. And you go through it. And there's an awful force of tide. So when they were going through, the boat capsized. There were just the two of them. (So you knew your brother was lost. But you didn't know where he was.) No. (So then you were telling me that he was found in May, and that was the shock that put you in the hospital. Tell me again about this woman and her husband--the other man who was in the boat.) The man that was with my brother? Archie MacKinnon was his name, our next door neighbour. And they went out, and the boat capsized with the tide that raises into this gulley is there, this kind of a tit? tle they call it. That was in Novem- WORKERS' COMPENSATION BOARD OF NOVA Scorn
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