Page 4 - Stories From Inverness County
ISSUE : Issue 12
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/12/1
so we took her and we put her on milk, on the bucket • and she was brought up as a pet* And v'en she grew up she was a beautiful animal* I trained her myself, and everything about her* And dressed her and rigged her out so sporty and everything* And a cousin of raine and I went to town this day and this man used to look at her all the time, and admire her when she was in the pasture. So just as we were making the turn going up by vdiat we call Busy Corner thera days • this raan raet rae and he said, "Look, Annie, I'll give you 350 dollars for that raare today. Just drive up back of the Co-op and I'll give you an old horse in the deal." So I laughed. I had no intention of selling her* I said, "Double it, Mac, and you'll have her." So I drove back and we went home that evening, everything as good as gold, nothing wrong whatsoever* Put her in the pasture* Four o'clock in the morning she landed at the door* She was so sick she was rattling the latch in the door* To attract out atten? tion* So my uncle got up, went out, and she was rolling on the ashpile with the pain* Put her in the barn. It cost me • in them days • over 34 dollars for her vet to come. The vet gave her needles and everything he could think of. And even a neighbor was making moonshine at the time* He went to the woods and he made a draw and he brought two quarts of the best moonshine • and we put that down her* Figured she had pneumonia* Before she died, the sweat poured, it was just running down, streaming off her • and then she died. Just drew a breath and died. And this man that was a- round her, he asked me did I ever get an offer for the mare. I said yes, just yes? terday a man offered to put a price on her* He said, "You should have sold her*" Robert Hubbard: Well, Annie, that's just the same as I know a guy, he's living to-? day • I'll mention no names on it • and it made no difference vdiere that raan would land, if there were any kind of moving machinery or like that • something would have to break everv tirae* Something would go* Yes. Annie MacPhee: And I'll bet the man didn't mean or even know anything about it. Robert: Well, we couldn't say he would* I'll tell you a story* There was an old woman and she was making butter, she was selling the butter* Well, I guess the store she would take the butter to, he couldn't get rid of it* I guess the butter was pretty rbpach. not manufactured good enough to sell* So he'd only give her about half the price that the other women would get* After a v*iile she found out about this* She asked the storekeeper this day, "How is it that I don't get full price same as the other women." "well," he said, "I might as well tell you*" So he told her that her butter was still in the back of the shop there and can't get rid of it unless he sells it for cart grease, putting it on cart axles* "Wfell," she said to herself, "I guess the butter'll be good and clean the next time.** There was a brook ran below the house and there was a big flat rock there with a kind of a hollow in it* She raade the churn and took the butter down. She laid it on the rock in the brook. Took her shoes off and got into it with her feet. Start cleaning it, you know, the butter • get out the buttermilk* By god she slipped and come down on her arse in it. "Aw," she said, "butter at the old pricel Butter at the old priceJ" VJ'' tlMITEP '' PLUMBIMG . HEATING !> ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS • OIL BURNER SALES & SERVICE • AIR CONDITIONING & VENTILATING SYSTEMS • MAYTAG APPLIANCES D? '' FREE ESTIMATES 539-6200 CAFE BREiX>N)3 OWN FURNITOBE SUCfWKOOMS Tables Chairs Recliners Sofas Beds {'reo8 Televisions Carpets TELEX 019-35213 885 VICTORIA ROAD SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA Ranges Refrigerators Washers Sydney (H?ce Bay NewWatei'ford Port HastingB Schwartz
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