Page 49 - The Story of the HMS Pelican
ISSUE : Issue 55
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1
frames and ship's side slightly stove in, ship being unman? ageable in the ice at the time.... "Tuesday 27/7/20~Harbour packed with ice as above until Sunday, August 1 st when ice commenced to drift out, and at 10:30 A.M. steamer weighed anchor and left for Lake Har? bour, worthing her way through heavy pack ice and occasional loose ice until Wednesday, August 4th, when heavy pack ice was again encountered, and at 8 A.M. vessel made fast to ice pan. Several large icebergs drifting down on vessel. Slipped moorings-full ahead on engines. Struck large ice pan and lost blade of propeller. Vessel not under control. Set all sails, endea? vouring to work vessel clear of drifting ice-bergs. At 11 A.M. the steering gear carried away and vessel was jammed in heavy ice.... "Thursday 5/8/20-Esquimo pilot walked out over ice and boarded vessel. Working vessel towards Beacon Island with steam and sail. "Friday 6/8/20-(Two weeks after first item.) All hands out on ice mov? ing ice pans and making way for vessel to proceed through, assisted by several Esquimos and motor boats...from Lake Harbour post, and at 1:30 P.M. vessel anchored at Lake Harbour.... "Monday, August 16th, the anchors were hove up and vessel pro? ceeded, but in working her way through drift ice at 5:44 P.M. she struck a piece of ice and broke off a propeller blade.... "Wednesday, 15th September-steamer sailed at noon for Port Bur- well after repairs to propeller, where arrived at 4 P.M. on September 17th, and after discharging some cargo and taking bunker coal on board she sailed for St. John's, N.F., at which port arrived on Tues? day, September 28th, 1920." And then we read: "On being examined it was found that the vessel was so seriously damaged that the cost of repairing and recondition? ing her would exceed her value, so it was decided to break her up and replace her by the SS Bavchimo. Relics of the Pelican are being reserved for the H.B.C. Museum at Winnipeg and from pieces of her teak wood and brass massive inkwells are being made for officials of Oceanside Assistance Providing Group Limited Small Renwick Place Business 17 Commercial St. Development Glace Bay, N. S. B1A 3B9 Assistance Tei. 849-0544 We Serve New Waterford, Glace Bay, and Surrounding Area the Company.... Stripped and dismantled" she was sold for salvage. An inglorious ending for such a ship even if it were an "honourable discharge." Now for some further documenting history of the old ship. In 1922 a Bill of Sale was drawn up by which for the sum of $1500.00 the own? ership of the Pelican was transferred from the Hudson Bay Company to one Froim Bannikhin of St. John's, Newfoundland. On October 6th, 1923, Mr. W. N. MacDonald of Sydney entered into agreement with Mr. Bannikhin in respect to towing the barge Pelican laden with scrap iron from Fermeuse, Nfld., to Sydney where his steamer the Obernai was to deliver the barge Pelican alongside the Government Wharf. The Obernai (was) to handle the barge in the heavy weath? er encountered. (The ocean-going tug Curlew took over. But accord? ing to an affidavit of the Curlew's Master, Vernon O. Peardon): "Be? fore leaving St. Pierre it was agreed with the crew of the said barge Pelican that should the weather look threatening at any time during the voyage, that the tug would slow down and give them an opportu? nity to leave the barge and come aboard the tug; all went well on the voyage until about 11:45 A.M. when with Cape Coupe abeam, dis? tance 2 miles, the course was shaped West by North, 1/2 North for Flat Point, C. B., heavy sea, barometer falling and weather appears threatening. Tug was slowed down and crew of barge came aboard. Tug started towing again at full speed, the barge towing well; speed about four knots, and so continued with wind and sea increasing until 4:00 P.M. on November 10th when the wind hauled North-west mak- Over 10 Years of Serving All of Cape Breton! HEATHER BUILDING SUPPLIES Small Job Installations a Specialty ' Windows > Doors • Storage Sheds (completely assembled) WeU-Stocked Showroom Courteous Helpful Staff We are centrally located to serve the Country and the Town In Cape Breton. LOCATED OFF THE TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY at BRAS D'OR 736-6000 . 736-3444 • 736-2457 (Cape Breton Health Unit Asks You to "Stay a WInner-Don't Smoke!" For Information about harmful effects on yourself, your friends, and your baby, contact your local Health Unit office: GLACE BAY 849-4566 PORT HOOD 787-3302 Nova 6cotia Department of Health ARICHAT 295-2944 BADDECK 295-2159 CHETICAMP 224-2410 INVERNESS 258-2100ext.134 NEW WATERFORD 862-2204 PORT HAWKESBURY 625-1693 ST. PETERS 535-2026 MARGAREE 248-2198 SYDNEY 563-2400 NEIL'S HARBOUR 336-2295 SYDNEY MINES 736-6245 • Dental Health Services 'Public Health Inspection 'Prenatal Classes 'Health Education 'Nutrition Information
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