Page 54 - Cockfighting: an Introduction
ISSUE : Issue 55
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1
there's no life left in him, actually, that's worthwhile keeping. But you have the option--it's the bet--all fights are on a bet. And if you really like your bird, and he gets a crippling blow, like-- accidentally, sometimes they'll break a leg sometimes. They'll hit the ground, or something, or hook up and break a leg. Or break a wing. Well, once he's disabled, you're pretty sure he's going to get cut down before too long. He's not going to last long. So if you like the bird, you could save him. All you've got to do is call it out--pay the bets off and take your bird out. You can stop the fight any? time, pay your bets off. You don't have to let your bird die. But the only reason--if he's losing the battle, why save him? Why save a loser? You might as well feed winners as feed losers. I mean, they eat just as much as the winner. Once he loses the fight he's not.... Lots of them, they get hurt bad, and they come back, but then they're never the same bird. They're like a boxer--they burn out. You know, their age goes up against them. (So if he loses, you don't expect him to rest up and come back later and be a win- Literacy " a sail relative Many modern educators consider the term "literate" to mean the ability to read, write and do the mathematics which our jobs and daily lives require. That means that with a job change or promotion, employees may find the need to upgrade their skills in order to perform new tasks. In the Department of Advanced Education and Job Training we are developing and delivering programs with workplace groups to promote and develop literacy. These programs concentrate on practical JOB-RELATED read? ing, writing, speaking, mathematics and problem solving skills. It's an important issue - not just because 1990 is desig? nated as International Literacy Year - but because Nova Scotian workers and businesses must compete today and tomorrow in an increasingly sophisticated local, national and world marketplace. We're here to assist business, industry and unions that want to increase the skills that their employees need to do their jobs with competence and confidence. >C Department of Advanced Education and Job Training ner.) Yeah, but--you often see guys'11 take them out, and try them back again. But I say, well, why do it? If he lost now, he's just likely going to lose again anyway. They're just as well to leave him in, or cut his head off when you take him out anyway. (I see. So if you had a bird and you put him in and he didn't win, you wouldn't fight him again.) No. No, I never take him out. I leave them every time. My birds will never run. That's one thing I always said about my stock, they were the best bred, and they never leave. Lots of birds, they'll run when they get hurt. (Run?) Yeah. You're done then, too--you've got to pay off then, too. I've seen guys saving them, but why save a runner? You're not running birds, you're fighting them. If he ran that fight, he's just going to run the next fight. My birds were dead gait--never had a bird that ever tried to leave. They're dead gait. They'd stay there till the last breath was in them. And fight. I had good birds. (You really respect them for that.) Oh, yes. You've got to respect them. I didn't like it that much myself. But, you know, a lot of people they don't understand the game. And they don't look into it. I would say--next to prostitution--it's the oldest sport in history. You take all these documentaries you do on these primitive tribes in Africa.... You'll see them up fighting roosters--they'11 be fighting roosters. A different scale of winning, but they have fighting roosters. They fought roosters. I mean, that came here from Eng? land, it comes from America, but--where did it come to England? Might have come from Rome, might have come from Middle East. But Skye Motor Hotel and Licensed Restaurant 48 Comfortable Units * Free Colour Pay-TV (902)625-1300 p. o. Box 190 PORT HASTINGS n. s. boe 2to - Open All Year at the Canso Causeway - B Rirmers Co-operative Dairy Limited A Complete Line of Dairy & Juice Products ?? Milk ?? Spreads ?? Ice Cream ?? Juices ?? Yogourt ?? Long Life ?? Cheese Products Fanners Co-operative Dairy Limited Sydport. Sydney 562-2434 Owned by Nova Scotian Farmers
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