Page 62 - Cockfighting: an Introduction
ISSUE : Issue 55
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1
and give them depth. It's better that way. I had them where I didn't have cocks, and I had to cage them at 6 weeks, and then they grew up in cages. It's better to give them the range. They get better bodies, develop better bodies. I feed them twice a day. Just scratch feed--wheat, grain. (Just treat them like a chicken?) Yeah, just like a chicken. They're just like any other chicken--they know when it's feed time. You go out and holler, they're right there. But they'll roost in the trees all summer--all winter, if you'll leave them. (They don't want to be inside?) They don't like to, no. But I've had them that you couldn't--in the winter, you open the door, and the only way you'd ever get them back is not feed them for a day. And then feed them in the 5n% TAYLOR'S DENTURE CLINIC Specialist In Denture Construction Relines & Repairs J. B. TAYLOR - LICENSED DENTURIST ' DENTAL PLANS and D.V.A. ACCEPTED * DISCOUNT FOR SENIORS * 92 Charlotte Street (corner of Chariotte & York) 564-9111 barn--they'd come in for the feed, and then lock them when they're in there. But the minute you open that door, they were gone again. They're out in the trees. (Now, people would come to you to buy these cocks for fighting.) For fighting, yeah. (I suppose you'd have to be very careful who you sold it to.) Yeah, yeah. Well, not really. Because there's no law against selling them. (Is there any law against owning?) No, none at all. The only law against it is the steel spur--putting the spur on them. (Is it fair to ask you what birds like that are worth, here in Cape Breton?) Well, here in Cape Breton. I'll tell you one thing,..they're kind of tight with their money. But I've sold birds here for $60 that sell for $300 in the States. I remember, like I say, when I was a kid, you know, it was big. I remember guys from Pictou, they used to be down quite often. Halifax, a lot of fighters from there. Anna: They came down from Kentville there. Jim: And guys from here used to go as far west as Montreal, fighting. (It must be difficult to keep it secret, and yet they do.) They do, yeah. Why 'otild this 'mt be any dtet<'c't 'nMyeart L'vesarefalliM' , 'r'es '4 oveipasses are goittg ' '' -"freeze before msn& sseirfoces Bhd betteve It or ii0t.'iiow is going to Mi As s'soiis change' so siiould your driving habits. This year don't let the change in seasons change yo??r tife. f'' .-0'' Caution is die critical fiactor 0?paftmftr>t of l'vni'tortation and Communications Honourable George C. Moody See, they caught them here a couple of times. But see, the fine is $3000, if they catch you. (Isn't there a crime for being at one of those matches, too?) Oh, yeah, they fine you $25 or $50, for being there. But the guy that's running the pit, he pays $3000. So all the fellows that fight roosters, they pay $20 a year association dues. And they have a lawyer. And that money is kept in the bank all the time. The guy that gets caught, the asso? ciation pays his fine. That money is kept up for that. But like, the last time they caught them--or the time they caught them that they wrote up that article there-- they killed all the roosters that were there--35 or 40 roost-
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