Page 63 - Cockfighting: an Introduction
ISSUE : Issue 55
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1
ers there. And the Mounties were doing such a hell of a job that the guys that owned the roosters asked them to let them do it, because the Mounties were making such a mess of killing them--cutting the heads half off of them, run? ning away on them. So they killed their own roosters for the Mounties. But in the States, when they catch you, the on? ly bird they can kill is the bird that's in the pit fighting at the time. Those other birds that are there in boxes, you can say that they could be there for sale--you could be bringing them in to sell to somebody. So in the States they're only allowed to de? stroy the birds that are in the pit. They're not allowed to destroy the other birds. But down here they destroy every? thing. Which I don't think is quite legal. (I don't see you making any profit, sell? ing these birds, even at your top price here. Where is there money in this game?) Oh, there's no money in it. That's why-- one of the main reasons I got out, there's no money in it. But all the people that are in it, that I know today--they're all --men that were in it when I was a kid. None of them ever get rich at it, none of them ever make money at it. Matter of fact, a lot of them go in the hole some winters. But they do it more as a tradi? tion in the sport than a--I don't think anybody around makes money. It's just a habit--they've been at it all their life. You know, some of those guys really love it. At a cockfight: a wood carving by iUlurray Gallant of Cape Breton OWEN FITZGERALD PHOTOGRAPHY ltd. Since opening his studio in 1978, Owen has received wide acclaim with the pubhcation of three books and awards in Portraiture, Industrial and Press Photography. 423 Charlotte St., Sydney, N. S., 562-2321 BUILDING SUPPLIES 21 McKeen Street, Glace Bay Our Carpet & Paint Displays are ail set up... Waiting For You! Our Hardware and Building Supplies are arriving daily. Come and visit us in our bright new surroundings. hIARDWARE, BUILDING SUPPUES, CARPETS & VINYL FLOORING BENJAMIN MOORE PAINT, BONNEVILLE WINDOWS S?'i9?';?U 849-0047 849-1100 (You think it's an important part of their tradition?) I think it is, to them, yeah. To them, it's a part of their tradition, part of their lifestyle. And they're a breed of men themselves, the same as horse? men- -a rooster fighter's a rooster fighter. And some guys are good at it, and some guys love it. Some guys, that's all they live for. I know guys--well, the oldest guy, I guess he'd probably be around 76. I remem? ber one old fellow, he died a couple of years ago--83. They wouldn't miss a rooster fight So ACADIAN DEPART ARRIVE SYDNEY HAUFAX 8:00 A.M. 3:15 P.M. -. TRIPS DAILY BETWEEN 5 SYDNEY & HALIFAX TRIP 72 - Picl< ups in: NORTH SYDNEY, LITTLE BRAS D'OR, BIG HARBOUR, BADDECK, LITTLE NARROWS, WHYCOCOMAGH, PORT HASTINGS, PORT HAWKESBURY, & others (TRUR01:45 P.M. VIA RAIL connection) TRIP 64L - No other Cape Breton picl< ups * 12 NOON 5:30 P.M. TRIP 62L - Pick UDS in: NORTH SYDNEY. * 12:30 P.M. 7:10 P.M. LITTLE BRAS D'OR, BADDECK, WHYCOCOMAGH, & PORT HAWKESBURY TRIP 54 - via St. Peter's - Picl< ups in: SYDNEY RIVER, 2:15 PM. 9:50 P.M. BIG POND, ST. PETER'S, GRAND ANSE, CLEVELAND, PORT HAWKESBURY, & others IR1P76 - Pick ups in: NORTH SYDNEY, BADDECK, 6:00 P.M. 12:10 A.M. WHYCOCOMAGH, PORT HAWKESBURY (SUNDAY TO FRIDAY ONLY) CALL TOLL FREE 'Schedule [ Subject to Change I 1-454-9321 for furttier information PARCEL EXPRESS • Same day service to most Maritime points • Collect shipments now accepted • Excess insurance available to $500.00 • "Priority Pak" our new 12"x16" waterproof envelope with a flat rate throughout the Maritimes for $4.00 • sold 10 for $40.00 GRAYLINE SIGHTSEEING TOURS June 1 - October 15 See Historic Halifax / Peggy's Cove We depart from most hotels for these tours. ACADIAN LINES LIMITED 6040 Almon Street, Halifax, N. S. B3K 5M1
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