Page 1 - Pere Anselme Chiasson: Conversation and a Family Album
ISSUE : Issue 56
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1
Pere Anselme Chiasson: Conversation and a Family Album P're Anselme Chiasson is a pioneer collector of local history and folklore. Without his work, our knowledge of Cheticamp and Magdalen Island Acadian life would not only be poorer, it would probably stay undetailed forever. Much of P're Anselme's work could not be collected today. Simply, those with the knowledge have died. He had the good sense to listen to the older people and, when the opportunity came, to record what they said. Recently, we visited him in New Brunswick and talked about his life and work. P're Anselme sets the scene with this photo of his family. His brother Joseph, who worked in a bank, bought a Kodak camera • so this family has several cherished photos from that time. With the exception of one Notman photograph we've taken from a printed book, the older pictures are from the family album. (Where was this family picture taken?) P're Anselme Chiasson: In front of the house where I was born. And that's my fam? ily, except a few. (Start from the left side.) This is me. (Left side, with a cap on.) My name was Charles Chiasson. And when I became a Capuchin father I took the name of Anselme, because I had an uncle and a brother (with the same name.) Be? cause at that time we had to change names when we entered. So I took the name of Anselme. This is my mother (Colombe Boudreau) with a child in her arms. This is my father here (Timothy, sitting with his arms fold? ed. And behind him) is (Mrs. Julie Bour? geois) the mother of the husband of one of my sisters--the oldest sister, who is there. And (beside father), this is (Mrs. Bourgeois's daughter--also named Julie), who married one of my brothers. (Behind • • '' Julie) is my brother Tommy. (And then the man with the hat on?) Is my grandfa? ther- -the father of my father--Lubin Chiasson. (And be? hind him?) Is my sister. Rose, who married Simon Bour? geois. And next is my brother, Willie Mose, still living. (And he married Ju? lie Bourgeois.) Yeah. And (last) is Thaddeo. It's an Italian name. Still living. Just in front of our house at Petit Etang, Cheticamp. Cheticamp is an old village where the Acadian French is best preserved in the Maritimes, One CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE, NUMBER FIFTY-SIX WRECK COVE. CAPE BRETON, NOVA SCOTIA SECOND CLASS MAIL -- REGISTRATION NUMBER 3014
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