Page 4 - Pere Anselme Chiasson: Conversation and a Family Album
ISSUE : Issue 56
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1
of me. I don't remember; she never talked of it to me. But she sent me to the (convent) school. See, we were liv? ing in Petit Etang--quite far from the convent (in Cheticamp)--it was near the church. But she was sending me to the convent school, to the convent. I'm the only one (of her children) who went there. (Rather than school in Petit Etang. So you feel that she had some de? sire. Were you the oldest son?) Oh, no. I'm the fourth--fourth of the family. (Your mother died young, then.) She was 45. (Why did she die so young?) Oh, pneumonia. And at the time we had a doctor who could not save one client who had pneumonia. The doctor we had before saved them all; this one lost them all. My mother was one of them. (Your father, what did he do for a living at Petit Etang?) Fishing. He was a great --a good fisherman. Very good. The other fishermen thought that he had a special gift to find the fish. He was better off a fisherman then he was a farmer. We had a small farm at the same time. He was not so good on the farm, but on the sea he was a really good fisherman. Above, Anselme Boudreau. Right, Co? lombe Boudreau Chiasson • P6re An- COLOMBK BOUDREAU Epoune de Tim.!ith' Chiasson 1)?eeant J? St d* voui pHer arte phi!* <1? fervam pour cetiK qui upr** Tnoi Ma morr a !*Uii? dan* not ccfi-atu une plaleprofonde ! Xoud root ayiom Biip- pUi, 3?!,!fn??r d* prolonK??r 8e??.io?r?; Ton>?? Ut aT?? donn4 1? r?po?? iternel. Qn? votra S*tnt Nom ??(>it b*ni. OoUM Caurde y'iui,soy*?? man amour r>aux Cotur dt Afarit, s??ytt men salut. r'300 iours d'ind. chaqut foit ) Un* communion, uni priirt 1 il-vnut-pl/tft A. 8. Falftrdwaii. Pho.. TRS 8r-V?liarQ?e selme's mother and Anselme Boudreau's sister. Pdre Anselme said: "She was born and lived as a young girl at Harbour of Cheticamp. She married my father who was living at Petit Etang. And she had 9 children. I'm the 4th one. And she died in 1925 • she was 45 years old. "My Uncle Anselme had all the cards that were printed for those who died in Cheticamp. Nearly all. He had a big album. A souvenir of the dead person. miost of the people had them. And even now." (What made him a good fisherman, do you think?) He loved fishing, first of all. And he had that sense to find fish, see. Find--in French we say les fonds (the bot? tom) --how you say that in English, I don't know. (The grounds?) Maybe grounds. (Where the fish are.) Where the fish are. He was one of the best.... And he loved fishing. Pay for a Room, Stay in a Suite* ?? Complimentary Continental Breakfast ?? Separate Living and DiningAreas "Microwave, Fridge, Coffeemaker, Dishes ?? 'eeklyMana- - " u ger's Reception (k Rooftop Barbe? cues Halifax 1583 Brunswick St. Halifax, N.S. B3J 3P5 902 420-0555 1-800-565-1263 ?? Complimentary Grocery Shop? ping Ser'ice ?? Remote Control T', Inroom Movies ?? Daily Maid Service ?? 'Tiirlpool, Sauna, Fitness Centre ?? Res? taurant ?? Rates De- " < crease with Length "~- ' of Stay CAMBRIDGE S U IT E S Sydney 380 Esplanade Sydney, N.S. BlPlBl 902 562-6500 1-800-565-9466 He lived very old. He died--he was 96, I think. I have an uncle who is 101--no, hundred and a half--be 101 in January. Have you ever met my uncle? (That's An? selme Boudreau. Yes, I have.... We had a little story from him years ago. See "An? selme Boudreau: La Mine de Platre k Cheti? camp" in Issue 24.) I have (a manuscript) that thick of his. He has written his souvenirs on all kind of subjects--the hospital of Cheticamp, how to measure (the depth of) the harbour of Cheticamp. He was the one who was measuring the harbour. I did it once with him. So he has written for me on all kinds of subjects like that. (And were you using that when you were writing your book about Cheticamp?) No, he did that afterwards.... But he's amazing. Hundred years old--he still has the memory he had when he was 30. Wonderful, extraordinary. From the be- WELLS & PUMPS LTD • Ncxer Wells • • Pumps • Test Holes Ncxev Conditioners ' 5642145 S T M O U N T (Ucence No. 264) "WIN A FREE WELL!" • Call Us for Details
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