Page 5 - Pere Anselme Chiasson: Conversation and a Family Album
ISSUE : Issue 56
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1
From the family album: P're Anselme said, "That's Mrs. Marcellln Chiasson. (The woman with the churn.) IHer name was Virgine. And this was in front of her house. That house was past ours in what we caii La Pointe, or Petit Etang, just be? fore Cap Rouge and that area." (And with the plow?) "That's my brother Joe, and that's me. With his soldier cap." (Who was the woman here with the spin? ning wheel?) "I don't i(now. I never could find who it was. I brought this picture to Cheticamp and I asi'ed people. It's cer? tainly from Cheticamp, but nobody rec? ognized her. See, too late." Does anyone recognize this photo? ginning, when he was a child, till now. Names, dates--extraordinary--I can't ima? gine how he can do that. He had met peo? ple. He was in politics, he had the pat? ronage- -Liberal Party. He had been (councillor)--he was important.... For years, president of the councillors. And as a big Liberal, and having the patron? age, he was called to Halifax, so he had met all those people. only 16. So he told that he was 17. He still remembers the name of his companions at the Normal School. Oh, it's something really amazing. And he--still good ears, his eyes are not too bad, he can still read. The only thing is, he walks with a walker. And he's not as white as I am-- he's still gray. Just imagine! It's worth living old when he stays so bright as he is--it's worth it. He was a teacher. And he went to Normal School at 16 years. He was only 16 years. He had to lie to be able to go to Normal School. He was supposed to have 17; he was And I have a special link with him. Be? cause, when my mother died, I was going to the convent school, at the harbour. And we were all boys in the family. The first brake service drums & rotors resurfaced 2&4 wheel alignment inciuaing 1-ton trucl(s and motor homes computerized engine analysis and tune up (DiSCO TiREoniy) Ulbv/U TIRCltd. 539-4070 CANSO TIRE PORT HAWKESBURY LTD. 625-3125
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