Page 10 - Ghost Stories Told by Students from St. Joseph School
ISSUE : Issue 56
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1
get revenge, and a year later from the murder my uncle became sick and died. A Newfoundland Mystery by Trent Sampson One dark, rainy night in a fishing village in Newfoundland, a fisherman and his wife were preparing everything for his early morning fishing. He would leave at night and return very early in the morning, while his family was sleeping. His wife would usually wake up long enough to yell out, "Is that you?" He would answer, "Yes"--and come to bed. His wife would get up and go downstairs to clean up the water off the floors and stairs, that came from his wet boots. And then she would return to bed. One evening, they were going through the same thing, helping him get ready to leave. But this time he stopped and gave KEDDY'S Sydney Hotel 600 King's Rd., Sydney, N.S. KEDDY'S 218 ROOMS Air Conditioned Colour Cable TV Featuring Our Indoor Recreation Facility • • Pool • Sauna • Whirlpool Bath JOIN US NIGHTLY AT lUORV'S LOUNGE SVDNEVS ENTERTAINMENT & DANCING CENTAE For Reservations Phone 539-1140 Toll Free Reservations Phone 1-800-561-7666 ?? her a hug and kiss, which he normally didn't do till morning. His wife found it to be a strange thing for him to do. That same night there was a terrible storm and his wife waited for his return. When the door finally opened and his wife yelled, "Is that you?" and he answered, "Yes"--she was relieved to hear his voice. Then she went to clean up the mess which was bigger than usual. But when she came upstairs to go to bed, her husband was gone. She found out thirty minutes later that he was drowned more than seven hours ago. So who was that man who came upstairs and wet the floors and stairs more than thirty minutes ago, and then disappeared? Double Vision by Jeff A. MacNeil It was a dark, cloudy night in Piper's Cove. Mickie Kettie and Hector MacNeil were walking home. It was pitch black and hard to see. Mickie Kettie was a man who had "second sight." He'd see things before they actually happened. Suddenly Mickie said to Hector, "Move off the road." "Why?" Hector said. "Because there is a funeral going by." "I don't see anything!" said Hector. They moved off the road. Afterwards, Mick? ie said, "There was some strangers in that funeral procession I did not recognize." Hector saw nothing and was quite scared by Mickie's vision. By and by, they came to Mickie's house. Mickie said, "Well, I'm home. See you later." Hector still had to walk a half mile to get to his house. His home was a ways off the road and he had to cross a sluice. There was a log across the sluice by which one tiptoed carefully. Hector was so scared, he IkS' TAYLOR'S DENTURE CLINIC J. B. TAYLOR - LICENSED DENTURIST DENTAL PLANS and D.V.A. ACCEPTED * DISCOUNT FOR SENIORS 92 Cliarlotte Street (corner of Ciiarlotte & Yorl<) 564-9111 Specialist in Denture Construction Reiines & Repairs Need a Radiator? Muffler? Shocks? Brakes? TWO LOCATIONS: RAD-PRO Sydney: 562-2300 in Sydney 349 George St. - Downtown i AND Port Hawkesbury Maclnnes Road at Port Hawkesbury: 625-3781 Port Hawkesbury Centre Sydney: 539-6691 • Port Hawkesbury: 625-3781 Specializing in Radiator Repair & Recores Heaters Water Pumps, Etc. Specializing in Mufflers Brakes Shocks MASTER MUFFLER Springs fagingii
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