Page 18 - From Breton Cove and Boston: Conversations with Josie Matheson Bredbury
ISSUE : Issue 56
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1
took her away out in the pasture, away from the house. So, Papa was supposed to come home. And they kept walking her around and around and around. I guess--is that what they do to drunks? (Josie laughs.) So anyway, he was doing okay. And they left her out there anyway. And, oh, I don't know if we milked her that (day)--I guess somebody milked her out there. But when she came in with the other cows, they were milking her for 2 or 3 days. And nothing came but foam! From the moo! (Laughter.) Oh, Lord. It was really comical. My poor mother, she was laughing at them. So she told them, "Now, you did that on Sunday. You shouldn't have done it on Sunday." (Laughter.) "That's why the cow ate it all up." She ate the whole thing! She swept the whole thing out! I guess there was a lot more to it, you know, that I can't--I wasn't with them out there. We had to stay at the house to keep an eye on Papa when he'd come home. (Did you ever taste the brew?) No. No.... There was nothing left to be tasted! Al- Hertz 24 HOUR SERVICE - 7 DAYS A WEEK 539-1538 539-5623 1430 George St. Sydney, N. S. Sydney Airport • FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE • FEATURING LATEST MODEL CARS, TRUCKS, & 4-WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES • LOCAL PICKUP and DELIVERY To Reserve a Car Sr'r'Ee!! 1 -800-263-0600 The #1 way to rent a car. though they made other batches, though. They made one--about the hens.... They made that one in the barn. I think it was the same boys. It must have been. (They were experts.) Yeah. (Laughter.) It was on a Sunday, too. Everything was done on a Sunday, because Papa would be read? ing, and we could keep an eye on him--he'd be in the other room, you know. Then they'd be doing this. And if Papa'd move, we'd run and tell the boys! Anyway, this day, they made it in the barn, I think, this time. It was a smaller batch. And, however, was it a week, or how many days--they thought they'd taste it. And nobody'd taste it because they were afraid it'd poison them. So they wouldn't taste it. Well, they thought, well--here Mama was letting the hens out in the late afternoon. And we had the porch on the back of the house at that time, and we al? ways sat out there, evening. So anyway, they thought, well, they'd put it in--she had one of those wooden crocks, to put wa? ter in for the hens. So the boys put the stuff in the hens' crock. So, we were out in the back sitting down, Sunday evening. And who came around the front of the house and around the side of the house like this, was the rooster. And he couldn't crow, and his wings were out like this, balancing himself! (Josie is laughing.) Oh, God, it was funny. I'm telling you, it was so funny. We were all out there--Mama and Papa, and Jimmy and Roddy were with us that day. And the hens --there were about 12 hens behind him. And the rooster would go--(Josie makes the sounds of hiccups and failed hoarse crow? ing) --and he couldn't crow at all. And the PIONEER READY-MIX LIMITED SERVING CAPE BRETON • READY MIX CONCRETE • CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS • PATIO BLOCKS PRIME BROOK, SYDNEY 539-5217 The Cape Breton Tourist Association Offers 100,000 Welcomes to All Visitors to Our Island You will find the hospitality truly outstanding while you visit with us. And we hope you will remember us kindly when you return to your homes. IF YOU THINK THE WINTER IS GREAT- iHatPHffta COME SEE us NEXT SUMMER! Don Blackwood, Executive Director, Cape Breton Tourist Association, 20 Keltic Drive, Sydney River, Nova Scotia BIS 1P5 WRITE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, OR PHONE 539-9876
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