Page 21 - From Breton Cove and Boston: Conversations with Josie Matheson Bredbury
ISSUE : Issue 56
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1
chance to go home and get their dinner. Because the whole crowd that came to the church would go to dinner at these homes, round the old Presbyterian church. There were three churches that the minis? ter had to go to. There was the French River one. There was the Indian Brook one. And North River. So one Sunday he'd be out in North River. Then the elders would-- well, they'd have (services) in the old schoolhouse. Or if some people liked--if (for instance) it was at Indian Brook, a lot of the people would take the horse- and-buggy, especially in the summertime-- go up to the Indian Brook church. And if oftfieClam Whether you've got a wee bit of Scot in you or just a healthy respect for a good time, the summer of 1991 in Nova Scotia promises to be special. Because for only the fourth time ever, the International Gathering of the Clans will be held right here in Nova Scotia. Commencing with the official Opening in Halifax in June, a program of Scottish Gatherings and Activities will carry through the summer. So come to Nova Scotia the summer of 1991 and celebrate your Scottish heritage. Dancing on the Dock??, Halifax June 23 Amethyst Dancers Welcome to Ceilidh, Halifax June 26-28 ''f' Mabou Ceilidh, Mabou June 2"'-July 1 Mira Gala Festival, Marion Bridge June 28-July 7 • ?T>' Nova Scotia International Tattoo, Halifax July 1-7 f'* Gathering of the Clans and Fishermen's Regatta, Pugwash 'V Glendale Ceilidh Days, Glendale J; Maritime Old Time Fiddling Contest, Dartmouth July 'f/ Metro Halifax Scottish Festival and Highland Games, July 1 ilifax... Vf/Clan MacKay Ceilidh, Grand River f>* Scotia Highland Dancers in Concert, Antigonish Vf??'Whycocomagh Summer Festival, Whcocomagh ' • f''Judique-on-the-Floor Days, Judique '?f>' Antigonish Highland Games, Antigonish ' • ! • ' Milling Frolic and Square Dance, New Waterford 'h Clan Fergusson, Antigonish Clan MacKenzie, New Glasgow Clan MacLennan, Grand Narrows Clan MacBean/Clan MacKay, Dartmouth Clan MacNeil, lona.. Clan Ross, New Ross it was down at French River, some of the Indian Brook crowd would come down.... (But when you say the elders would hold it in the school--for those who did not go to where the minister was....) Yeah. And they'd have a Sunday School after the din? ner. We'd go back to the schoolhouse and we'd have Sunday School. (I want to understand this. You would go to lunch at one of the neighbour houses. And was that every week?) Every other week. Or every third week. (Would these people be responsible for your lunches all this time?) Yeah. (You wouldn't pay them?) No. (They wouldn't expect pay?) No. (This would go on for years.) Yeah. (I'm correct on that?) Yeah, you're correct in it. (And you owed them nothing.) You owed them nothing. I could go from Indian Brook straight to the foot of Smokey, to every house. And I'd go there at dinnertime--I wouldn't have to pay a dinner, my dinner. People'd come from North River or English- town , and they'd come down the road, they'd stop at a home. Maybe they'd spend a couple of days. And they weren't expected to pay anything. What they had there would be enough for you to come and take what they had. And they're doing that today.... Vf??'Broad Cove Concert, Broad Cove .July 28 ''f'' Clan Church Service (sponsored by Clan MacKay), Loch Broom .July 28 ''f'Chestico Days, Port Hood .July 29-Aug. 4 '* Heart of the Highlands Concert (Festival 1991), Halifax Aug. 1 Churchville Ceilidh Weekend, Churchville Aug. 2-4 'f*'Highland Village Day, lona Aug. 3 'f>' International Fiddling and Stepdancing Contest, St. Joseph du Moine Aug. 3 Pipers Picnic, Earltown Aug. 3 'f??*Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod, St. Anns Aug. 4-10 Vf/St. Andrew's Society Summer Ceilidh, Yarmouth Aug. 9 'f''St. Joseph du Moine Scottish Concert, / St. Joseph du Moine Aug. 11 'f'Hector Festival, Pictou Aug. 14-18 Downcast Old Time Fiddling Contest, Lower Sackville Aug. 16-17 Ben Eoin Fiddle & Folk Festival, Ben Eoin Aug. 18 'FCape Breton Summer Fiddle Festival, St. Ann's ...Aug. 18-19 f' Annapolis Valley Highland Games, Middleton Aug. 24 July 6-8 July 11 July 12-14 July 20 July 20 July 26 Aug 2 Aug 4 For more information on the 1991 International Gathering of the Clans ai all events happening, cut out and mail this coupon to: Scottish Societies Association of Nova Scotia P.O. Box 5125, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3L 4M7 Province/State Postal/Zip Code _ Telephone* '''''''''''''''4-''''' Belle Maclntyre. Josie's niece; Grandma always taught us that you put an extra pota? to in the pot for the unexpected. And to this day, I still cook that. Josie: Oh, it was a wonderful life. It was a wonder-
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