Page 25 - From Breton Cove and Boston: Conversations with Josie Matheson Bredbury
ISSUE : Issue 56
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1
the house. The next morning after they came, they took him and they put him on the kitchen table. And it was a boy around, oh, I'd say around 15--14, 15. And he wasn't any higher, taller, than an 8-year-old boy. He hadn't grown, he had stopped growing. And they put him on the table. And he took her hand. And she was--Annie was awfully shy. And she'd hold her hand over her eyes like this, God love her. Over her eyes so nobody'd be seeing--she thought she was hiding herself. But she could see what she was doing. And she took her hand and put it on his neck. And the boy went stiff as a poker. He went in a deep--well. Papa and his father, they went in an uproar about it, to leave him alone, he was dying, "They're killing him!" and all this. But the mother said, she said, "Effie"--which was my mother-- "Effie, have the child finish what she has to do. I'd rather see him dead now," she said, "than to go through life like this." She had gone through so much with him, you know. And he had suffered so much with it. So anjrway, (Annie) finished. And they car? ried him into the other bedroom and put him down. Well, us kids were outside play? ing, you know. This was in the early morn? ing. Well, in the middle of the afternoon, he gets up and comes out and plays with us. It took all that time. From early morning--it must have been around 7 o'clock, anjrway. And then, she did it for 3 days, and the same thing happened to him--all the goop came out of it.... (Did Annie do this a lot, do you think?) Yeah. She didn't like doing it. But there was one winter, she went to school in North River. She didn't come home at all. I don't believe there was a house out there that didn't have it. And it was mostly men, that I can remember. I can't remember any woman ever having it. (And it was always this lump that she cured.) Yeah. (Nothing else.) Nothing else. Richmond County *s Route 4 "I took the road less travelled by ...and that has made all the difference.** -Robert Frost SPECIALIZING IN HOME-STYLE COOKING Parker's Sunday to Thursday 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday & Saturday 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. FULLY LICENSED • FAMILY DINING St. Peter's The convenience of modem accommodations in the chann of an historic village at INN ON THE CANAL St. Peter's 20 Motel Units Licensed Dining Lounge • Cable T.V. BEACHES FISHING • GOLFING HISTORIC SITES Come visit us at the Inn where the only thing we overlook is the beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes! Box 9, St Peter's, N. S. BOE 3B0 ? 1-800-535-2200 ?? Richmond County Industrial Commission P. O. Box 658 Louisdale, Richrrxjnd County Cape Breton, Nova Scotia BOE 1V0 (902) 345-2432 lEHCIEIMCDNID COUNTY IINIDUSTMHAIL C?MIMIISS]I?N Richmond County... Our businesses include Stora Forest Industries, Georgia Pacific, Louisiana Pacific and Clearwater Lobsters... The county has: • 135-acre industrial park with water frontage and property from $9,500 per serviced acre • 10,000sq. ft. incubator mall • commercial tax assessment at 1.31/100.00 • borders on the Strait of Canso, one of North America's deepest ice-free ports. We have staff prepared to assist in all areas of business start up. For Further Information Please Contact: Executive Director RICHMOND COUNTY INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION P. O. Box 658 Louisdale, Nova Scotia BOE 1 VO Tel: (902) 345-2432 Fax: (902) 345-2973 We're Open Daily, Ail Year Round HIEITAG flA E??C ( Specializing in Seafood & Home Baking ) Grenville St., St. Peter's 535-2089 Entrepreneur of the Year Award • Cape Breton Tourist Association 1989 Functional Stoneware and Custom Dinnerware Turnstone Pottery WHEELTHROWN Studio and Showroom on the Harbour 226-3004 Arichat Jack Ouellette, Potter Isle Madame
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