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ISSUE : Issue 56
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1
Join the Fun! CAPE ' A BRETONi ' ' • The Cape Breton Winter Festival is being staged for the third time in February and March of 1991 among eleven municipalities of the Island. • The response from peo? ple within the community was again beyond all expecta? tions. Last year there were a total of 450 events and 60,000 people directly involved. • The objective of the Festival] is to create fun-filled winter activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests. • Sport, recreation? al, and cultural activities will be presented by the munici? palities involved, and we encourage you to get out and en? joy some of these events. • Some of the regional activities for 1991 include: , An Tulloch Gorm presents ' a Concert Series at U.C.C.B. Children's Activities Heritage Day Series at U.C.C.B. Fortress Louisbourgj • A Day of Skiing and Sledding at Ben Eoin • and other traditional activities If you or your group want further information or would like to stage an event, contact your local: RECREATION DEPARTMENTS: RICHIUIOND COUNTY: Clifford Boudreau, Recreation Director P. O. Box 120, Arichat (226-2401) SYDNEY MINES: Mel Brown, Recreation Director 38 Pitt St., Sydney Mines (736-3646) TOWN OF DOMINION: Roger Cuzner, Recreation Director 271 Kings Road, Dominion (849-6556) TOWN OF NEW WATERFORD: Gary MacDonald, Recreation Director 3696 Ellsworth Ave., New Waterford (862-6446) TOWN OF GU'CE BAY: Fred Brooks, Recreation Director R. R. 1,GlaceBayB1A5T9 TOWN OF NORTH SYDNEY: Bob Mullins, Recreation Director P. O. Box 83. North Sydney B2A 3M1 (794-2626) INVERNESS COUNTY: John Cotton, Recreation Director P. O. Box 179, Port Hood (787-2274) CITY OF SYDNEY: John Fraser, Recreation Director P. O. Box 730, Sydney (563-7500) COUNTY OF CAPE BRETON: Bill Murphy, Recreation Director 865 Grand Lake Road, Sydney (564-5541, Ext. 110) TOWN OF LOUISBOURG: Cindy Trinnm, Recreation Director P. O. Box 8, Louisbourg (733-3383) TOWN OF PORT HAWKESBURY: Jim Pyke, Recreation Director P. O. Box 10, Port Hawkesbury (625-2591) CAPE BRETON WINTER FESTIVAL OFFICE Frank Bruleigh, Executive Director P. O. Box 1055, Sydney B1P 6J7 (539-9560) We would like to thank these commiinity-minded businesses: ftirtenaiK Canadiyzn fhrtner Join the Fun! ferent qualities of tone. Why you can tell a clarinet from a piano. They're all built at the same overtone structure. A structure of overtones built in harmonic series, which is based on the same simple ratios we talked about earlier, that also give us our musical intervals--just, you know, the con? sonant intervals that we build our musical structures out of--is the same structure that exists within each tone. So, in a way, when I'm thinking about these instruments, I'm trying to express all of these aspects in one. We've got the struc? ture of our musical convention, the struc? ture of acoustical tone--you know, just taking it sjnnbolically, kind of as our aes? thetic principles. And just a sense of har? mony in nature, as expressed through sci? ence, or just our ability to reason about what's happening. So I'm kind of thinking about all of these things at once. (And you're making a fiddle or a mandolin or a guitar.) Exactly. But you know, I kind of intend it to be expressive of all these ideas that I'm working with.... (Have you ever made an instrument that didn't fit the harmonic principles?) Oh, yeah, sure. I made quite a few instruments before I really focussed on these ideas that we are talking about. My first in? struments, I would just kind of take a guess--well, what seems to be right? what's a good shape? I'd kind of draw something out and design it and work with it like that, or maybe modify it from one to the next. I made quite a few. And not all the ones I make now are designed ac? cording to these principles. That's one idea that, over the last few years, I've been quite involved with--designing some of these instruments.... But once I have the design and I work with the instrument, I try not to become a slave to the design. That's the starting point. From there, then I'll see how the thing works. GEORGE MacNEIL MEATS Ltd. POINT ACONI ROAD - 736-8249 736-3518 Now! is the time to fill your freezer for the long Winter ahead! • BEEF • Cut and wrapped for your freezer Front Quarter $1.69 lb. Hind Quarter $2.39 lb. • Side of Beef $1.89 lb. Fresh Pork by the Side $1.39 lb. Fresh Lamb also available at reasonable prices. Avoid Disappointment - Come Early
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