Page 62 - Kopit Feeds the Hunter
ISSUE : Issue 56
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1
friends, he says to the hunters of the people, "I have found a beaver lodge." And in the morning, all the men of that band set out to hunt those beaver. But this man has eaten with Kopit. Now he has Power. He is back- trailing himself, following his own tracks, when he finds a bear's den. There is a bear in it. And so these men kill that bear. They kill that bear, and then they stop to take the meat home to their families. Once more they set out for the lake of the beaver's lodge. This hunter has eaten with Kopit. And now Kopit will show him something. Kopit makes them walk for a long time through the white forest. Finally those hunters reach the place in the trail where the man's tracks had crossed the tracks of the other snowshoes. But these oth? er tracks are no longer there. Before them, still clear, lie the tracks of the man, but the other snowshoes' mari
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