Page 18 - Hilda MacDonald and Glendyer Mills
ISSUE : Issue 12
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/12/1
Railway. And there was a station at Orangedale • about 7 miles out of Whycocomagh • and that was only 25 miles. So then the goods were shipped to Orangedale and that was a little less expensive. And then at the beginning of this century this little line was pushed through to Inverness. The Inverness and Richmond Railway. They could load their material right down here at the station. But that wasn't inexpen? sive either, because if they shipped from here they had to pay two freights. They had to pay the freight on this line, and the freight on the line that took it over on the other side of the strait. So it was an expensive operation from the very be? ginning. And then my father died in 1910. He was just 60. The operation carried on till 1913 under his partner, who was not one of the family* His name was Macdonald too* But he spelled it M-a-c and a small d* Hilda MacDonald in her garden; the nonuinent honoring the Glendyer Mills pioneers; and a very rough but valued photo of family involved with the mills: in 1st row, left to right,.Marion (who came down wiTh Donald MacLean to break ground for the mills), Nancy, and Aunt Jessie; the small boy is David, Duncan's son; in the row behind him; Aunt Nellie and the brothers D.S.MacDonald, Walter (Hilda's father) and Duncan. The voui:' woman at the back left is HildaT Our thanks to Wally Ellison who has been researching local history and provided us with good prints of the mill and the loom. The picture of the loom carae frora Hawley Cameron's collection. Glendver. And thanks to Mrs. Hart. Museum of Cape Breton Heri? tage, and Ericka Dubois, who both encouraged us to do this article. Mrs. Hart raade it possible for us to photograph samples of Glendyer Mills weaving at the museum. .''' # NEWS "35 VCl % ' / /6' CBIT TELEVISION Channels 2,5,7,8,10,12, and 13 in Cape Breton CBC HAS IT ALL CBI RADIO 1140on your Dial in Cape Breton
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