Page 76 - Tuna Fishing in St. Ann's Bay
ISSUE : Issue 56
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1
Bmce's Beach on Rockyside during first week of Sept. and always AT DUSK! Maybe we've been going home too early & should take up night fishing! Am still not too happy with our baiting technique: if the hook is sewn inside the mackerel it tends to tum him on his back. If outside It shows & gathers weed. If too far aft it prevents him wiggling naturally • even when "boned." Next year I'm going to endeavour to evolve a good-live-bait-fishing system. These fish have become so wary that only a dozen or so have been reported killed on the whole E. coast (only heard of 2 in Newfoundland, vs. 200 last year.) 1963 Aug. 17th. In a 10 knot breeze,...saw a very large Tuna at the gravel bank just E. of the Red Rocks, W. end of Rockyside. He wori
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