Page 3 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life
ISSUE : Issue 57
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1
''''''''''''''''''L.' H ''''' ''fl '''1 j5 1 '"' '''fli'''ll l''k ''''''1 from Glace Bay?? another good fighter--they were all going. Local fellows --Benny Delo- renzo. So there was a lot of talent around, as far as fighters go. Now, we haven't even got one pro fighter. I think we've got maybe 6 in Nova Scotia. There's nobody of any recog? nition. Even in the Mari? times. I go right through to the Mari? times. there's nobody. Where? as one time, you'd go: New Glasgow was a very good fight town, Stellarton, and Thorburn, Truro. And of course, Hali? fax, and down in Amherst was going good. Then of course Moncton with Yvon Durelle (British Empire Light-Heavyweight Champion) and all them. Saint John had another good fight club there. Then over on the Island--there were 2 or 3 fight clubs going on the Island. Harry Poulton, Donny Trinor, Gaston Roy, the Arseneau Brothers. There were a lot of good fighters. So there was no shortage in the Mari? times.... Little community of South Bar had quite a few fighters. Blair Richard? son, Ed Dempsey MacPhail, Big Wallace MacLeod. And, like I said, Ernie MacKin non. And then, myself. "MacDougall's body attack. Gordie MacDougall of South Bar, right, is shown above, ready to deliver a left to the body of Doug Odo of Thorburn in the main event of the Sydney Police Boxing Club card at Sydney Forum last night. MacDougall won by a technical knockout when Odo was unable tc.start the 9th round due to rib Injuries." Gordie: Oh, yeah, he was all red, too. Blood was coming right out of his ribs. I was only about 5'10", you know. Could punch like hell though. Oh, I loved~l could pound the body out of you, you know what I mean? I was stocky and powerful, as you can see. Lots of upper-body stretch. even they don't fight often enough. That's what holds a young fellow's interest. If he's kept busy. You're not training all the time in the gym for maybe a fight every 3 months or a fight every 2 months. To me. I think a young kid should be fighting every 2 weeks. That's the only way of keeping him sharp, for him to learn his trade. If you're a carpenter, you have to be in the building trade constantly. You work with some older carpenters that show you the tricks of the trade. Well, it's the same with boxers. You box often, you keep your- So, that's the way it was then. But now, you know--they have a few amateur clubs go? ing now, which is good. But 0''' '??> Ice Cream Company Ltd. Cape Breton Shopping Plaza Sydney River, N. S. 539-0424 l'e finest Ice Cream Made Here "Especiady for O'ou OPEN 7 Days a Week ICE CREAM PARLOUR and BAKERY Gooofy'''' brake service drums & rotors resurfaced DISCO TIRE 2&4 wheel alignment including 1-ton trucks and motor homes SYDNEY computerized engine analysis and tune up (DISCO TIRE only) LTD. 539-4070 CANSO TIRE PORT HAWKESBURY LTD. 625-3125
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