Page 4 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life
ISSUE : Issue 57
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1
self sharp. You're around better fighters or you fight better fighters, and you keep your eyes open, you learn off them. At the end of my career, after 10 or 11 years at it, I was still learning.... FROM GORDIE'S SCRAPBOOK: "Sport news. Hard-hitting Gordie MacDougall, Cape Breton's outstanding young boxer, left for the United States on Saturday. MacDougall will join a training camp (of) internationally famous Flanagan brothers.... MacDougall, the most sensational boxer on the island since the late Ernie MacKinnon, was the recipient of some very fine gifts before departing across the bor? der. The Sydney Police Athletic Club, under whose colours Mac? Dougall trained and fought, presented the South Bar battler with a Nova Scotia tartan robe. A group of South Bar friends helped out with a purse of money, and other admirers of the young boxer sent along individual gifts. MacDougall's a credit to the boxing game, and to Sydney Police Club and trainer Johnny Nemis, who helped to bring him along the fisticuff trail. The Police Club's work is vastly un? derrated, as they've been promoting boxing for years. Let's hope they continue to do so, and to develop more fine boxers like Gordie MacDougall." (Was that your training--mostly in the ring?) Oh, yes. I worked in the woods. I was a lumberjack. When I lived out in East Bay there, I cut timber, hauled timber. And I boxed, in the meantime. Kind of toughened you up (on the) job, you know. We had punching bags. I used to spar at least 5 or 6 rounds a day, say 5 days a week. And then when I went to the States, boxing there, I used to spar up to 6, 7 rounds a day for 6 days a week sometimes. You took more punishment in training than you did sometimes in an actual fight.... But I was very dedicated. 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Harder they were, yeah. Some of them were real wars, they were real tough. God, you went home after a fight, your face was pretty sore. I remember one time I fought a fellow--I'm sure he must have kicked me, because I was sore from my head to my feet. Holy smoke, I was sore all over. But those things, after a few days, a week, everything heals over and you for? got about that one, you move on to the next fellow, that's all. You had cut eyes or stuff like that. Well, the old doc stitches you up. And in about 7 days time, you're raring to go again. The cuts are starting to heal and you're wanting to get back in the swing of things. Your nose, after every fight, looks a lit? tle different, gets a little flatter. Seems that's the focal point of all the punches. If they land, 4 out of 5 land on the nose. Just gets to be a piece of rub? ber after awhile. I had mine busted 4 or 5 times. You don't bother fixing them after the first time because you just keep the doctor in business then. Just leave them, they'd grow back crooked.... Things like that never bothered me, no. While I was in the ring I had eyes closed and cut eyes. But you see some of the fighters now, they come back (to their corner)--see them with a slight cut or there's blood dripping. "Oh, my, how bad is the cut?" They worry about their facial features. God Almighty, I came back, I couldn't see, I couldn't see anybody in the corner. Eye'd be closed, right level over, you couldn't even see my nose. Re? ferees I know a couple of times wanted to stop the fight, but I said, "No, no. Let it go. Let it go for another round. I'll knock the guy out in another round or two." Sometimes that happened, sometimes it didn't. They'd have to stop it (some? times). Pretty bad. 'ASIC lOOLimENTALS Specializing in Homeowner & Light Contractor Tools Good range of products to serve you, including.... • SAWS . 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