Page 22 - Of Water Fairies: Two MicMac Tales
ISSUE : Issue 12
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/12/1
of Water '' fLFairies MICMAClTALES 'Far within a thick 1 dark forest there dwelt a family in i which were two sons. The yovng-J _ ler of these 'when traveling one day along the shore of a lake saw a group of beautiful young women playing ball. He was so pleased with their appearance that he decided to go nearer and watch thera* 'en he approached he found that the girls were dressed in the cos- turaes of the olden time. At length one of them perceived him and cried out, "Huay- dabay I " • "Look out'" None of the girls had ever seen a man before and, being a- larmed by his appearance, all of them dived into the water and vanished. The young man was much disappointed, for they were so pretty that he wished to cap? ture one of them* Thinking they might return, he made himself small by magic and hid near the spot in a peculiar leaf, which has a kind of cover over its top (pro? bably the jack-in-the-pulpit or the pitcher plant). This leaf he had previously broken off its stem and placed upon a rock* Presently, as he had hoped, the girls reappeared from the water and renewed the ball game not far from the spot where our hero lay hidden but too far off for him to reach thera. When he saw that the girls came no nearer he jumped up and down in the leaf, shaking it nearer to them, but when he had nearly succeeded in reaching them one of their number again espied him and cried out as before. Again the fairies plunged into the water and disappeared. ALLIED VAN LINES Moffatt Bros. Ltd. Moving and Storage Sydney 564-4538 m, PRINTERS LTD. 180 TOWNSEND STREET, SYDNEY, N.S. TELEPHONE (902) 564'245 Formerly Cape Breton Printers Speedy Propane FILLIN3 STATIONS: J' E. Benoit, Arichat Robin's, Cheticamp MacGregor's Texaco, Pleasant Bay Prazier's Campgroimd, Baddeck Lloyd Sheares Heating, Port aux Basques Crocker and Wills, Ltd., Comerbrook Cape Breton's.Magazine/22 m4 TROPICANA Restaurant &Lounge; STDNEY SHOPPING MALL Prince Street, Sydney Restaurant Hours 11 AM - 10 PM Lounge Hours 11 AM - 1 AM TOP BANDS NIGHTLY
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