Page 11 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life
ISSUE : Issue 57
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1
**l*m boxing at the same time, and I'm running a lot of road races. I used to run for that Broadway Club. And i ran here in the Cape Breton championship at the Sports Centre. And one night there in the Cape Breton championships I won two gold and a bronze on the same night. I won the mile, junior mile, and junior half-mile. And I came third in the senior mile.... 1 ran the 24th of May Legion road races at Whitney Pier. And the guy next to me i thinl( is Joey Mullins, who was one of the greatest runners to ever come out of Canada at the time. He raced in Arizona State University, and ran in the British Empire games in Scotiand. And also ran, I thinic, in B. C, for Canada. Him and I ran head-to-head in 3 or 4 races. 1 thinly i only beat him once, which must have been a flulce, because he was quite a runner, you Itnow." Gordie is 5th from right, bacl( row. tened to Joe Louis fighting all those guys, fighting in the '40s, late '40s, early '50s then. And I'd idolize some of those fight? ers, you know. I'd be delivering papers. I'd fantasize that I was a fighter--big- See life as it was in Cape Breton during the 19th century. Nova Scotia Highland Village The Highland Village shows examples of dwellings built in Scotland, the first homes built with basic tools in Cape Breton, as well as buildings that exemplify the settlers' firm foothold in the new land. More than half of the planned buildings are completed, and work goes on. Come see us grow. time guy fighting in Madison Square Garden. Little did I know, a few years down the road, that I would be up in those places... But I always said that, you know, I was kind of a bad kid when I was going to OPEN DAILY JUNE 15 to SEPTEMBER 15 MONDAY - SATURDAY 9 to 5 / SUNDAY 11 to 6 The Highland Village is located at lona on Route 223 which leaves the Trans-Canada (Route 105) about 7 miles east of Whycocomagh. Route 223 is a scenic alternative paved route eastward to the Sydney area. Two short ferry rides provide pleasant breaks in the drive. 30th'Highland Village Day Y63r !yy ''''''' ' • SOth year of this festival ' "featuring traditional Scottish entertainment The green hills of Cope Breton, the sparkling waters of the Bras d'Or Lakes and warm highland hospitality await you at iSe '{i'ltCanci !Heigfits Inn A cozy retreat off the beaten track, but on the road to every? where in Cape Breton. Day trip to Fortress Louisbourg, beautiful Arichat or the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck. Visit the Puffin Islands, explore sandy beaches, see a replica of a 19th century Scottish Village. Then return to your home away from home. Ifie Highland Oitt'hts Inn offers you a view of the Bras d'Or Lakes, private baths, two double beds in each room, and pleasant, relaxing surroundings plus a licensed dining room with a full menu of seafood and local dishes. Innkeepers Bruce and Sheila MacNeil BOX 19. ROUTE 223 lONA. CAPE BRETON N.S. BOA 1LO TEL: (902) 725-2360 WP' fl,tt??'iire See Cape Breton From The Centre 11
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