Page 22 - Rose Schwartz of New Waterford
ISSUE : Issue 57
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1
from Germany here. And we were all sort of together. So her husband said something to me and I said something back. She said to him, "She's a Yehuda." So I knew right away what she meant, that she meant Jew? ish. (And did she mean it with kindness?) Not so much, no. Because then they stopped, sort of, you know, talking to me. I could see that it wasn't with kindness that she said it. You know, in those days when you were at my age at that time, you already had the feel? ing of different people, of different--you know. How they--sort of what they meant by different sayings and so on. You get to be very observant. But even then--I mean, you picture so many years back--even then, there was animosity from the Germans to the Jewish people. "She's a Yehuda." That re? mained in my mind. I was only a kid. (You arrive in Cape Breton.) We got here by train from Halifax. And do you know, it's the funniest thing. I had such good feel? ing, just by being in Canada. And the peo? ple were so nice and kind. I remember my father rented a little store from a man, a Mr. Cummings. His descendants now have a big drugstore in New Waterford. And he used to sit there with his clay pipe by the stove, in the little candy store, and he used to teach me how to make change, how to speak English. Although he didn't have very good English himself. But he used to teach me the figures. Because my father couldn't afford a clerk. And he used to come--he was sort of retired--he was a miner. And he sat 22 ''Glace Bay YMCA I Enterprise Centre 'TURNING YOUR IDEA INTO BUSINESS" A NEW SPIRIT is BORN In GLACE BAY ARE YOU UNEMPLOYED? DO YOU NEED CONSULTATION? DO YOU NEED SUPPORT SERVICES? Giace Bay Enterprise • You may be eligibie for our free Entrepreneurial Training Program. • 'We can help you devebp and implement your business plan. • We provide rental space, pho? tocopier, computers and printers, typing, answering services, etc., below market cost. P. O. Box 250 YIMCA 100 Reserve Street Centre <'iace Bay, N. S. 849-1794 there every day, because (it was) his store, and he rented it to my father. And he used to teach me.... He used to get be? hind the counter, he used to teach me how to give change, and how to do all that, you know. Because it was his store from the be? ginning. He ran it. But he retired. It was a small little candy store that he had. And some of his nephews and nieces were running it for him. But after my father (rented) it for about 3 or 4 years, it was for sale, the whole building. So my father bought it. (So your father must have improved as a businessman.) Well, he was all right. He bought the little place, and.... (He wasn't great....) Oh, no, he wasn't a great busi? nessman. But he was a very kind, good man. And, you know, people just loved him. (You went right to work for your father?) Had to go to work. I didn't continue my education. But you know, in Russia, when you get in those days an education--I read good books. There was no such a thing as funny books. I remember of reading Tol? stoy's book, at my age--was it War and Peace? I can't remember, really. But I re? member reading that. Because, there was no such a thing as funny papers or anything like that, to spend your time. You had to read good books, you know. (So you worked in the store for your fa? ther.) For my father. Until I got married. (You and your husband opened a store then. He already had some business experience.) Oh, yes, he did. It was only a small lit? tle store. It wasn't a store that's today. Were you in our store?... (And what did you call your first store?) There was no particular name at that time. Cape Breton Boarding Kennels R. R. #1, Glace Bay, N. 8. - Telephone: 737-2281 Modern Heated Facilities Dogs and Cats • All Breeds open 12 Months - Pet Food - Pet Supplies Certification of Vaccination Required ?n?la A?soci*ti?n ' Picl< Up & Delivery Service Available - Indoor/Outdoor Dog Kennels CALL TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW farmers Co-operative Dairy Limited A Complete Line of Dairy & Juice Products ?? Milk ?? Spreads ?? Ice Cream ?? Juices ?? Yogourt ?? Long Life ?? Cheese Products Farmers Co-operative Dairy LIfnIted Sydport. Sydney 562-2434 Owned by Nova Scotian Farmers
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