Page 24 - Rose Schwartz of New Waterford
ISSUE : Issue 57
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1
mean?) In a sample room. There used to be a hotel--it burned down--many, many years ago in Sydney. They'd have in the base? ment- -they'd have so many rooms just for sample rooms. Because all the travellers used to come down here, with the samples. And then they'd call up on the telephone. We'd have to go into Sydney and pick what we needed. We'd order it. (Was your husband wealthy?) No. (Did he need support to get started?) Well, you'd get so many days--like 30 days. And you'd just buy as much as you could pay within 30 days.... But we managed. (How long before you started your family?) I was married at 21 and I had my first child at 22. (So you're working in the store, but you're also a mother.) Oh, yes. (Did you work in the store when you were It all comes together... at the Sydport connection If you're looking for the ideal spot to locate your business, you should know about the Sydport connection. Strategically located, Sydport is accessible by road or by rail, by air and by sea, on transportation lines to everywhere. The Sydport connection offers: • serviced land available for lease or sale • buildings available for lease • year-round harbour access • 768 metres of useable wharf - water depth 6 m.-ll m. • new all-weather highway access to Trans Canada Highway • railway and common user sidings available • advantageous government assistance programs The choice is obvious. The Sydport connection. f'I'Whim, Sydport Industrial Park P.O. Box 154, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada BIP 6H1 INDUSTRIAL PARK IL Operated by jiB" '''' Breton Immw Corporation pregnant?) I continued to help him. I was in there. Just continued to be with him and to help him out, you know. The home at that time was right behind the store. Like you'd open the door, come in from the kitchen into the store. And I'd go out to help him.... And I learned my trade, you know, learned from my husband. Because, he was very smart. He really knew the trade and knew how to handle it. And I learned from him just all the different businesses. I was just 32 years old when my husband passed away. I was married in 1921, and he passed away in '32. Not quite 11 years. We had just moved to another building. (May I ask why he died so young? Or, was he young?) I was young. He was young, too. He was just 3 years older than I was. He was 35. (Why did he die so young?) You know, he had something wrong with his heart. And in those days--I was very ignorant about sickness, because I myself was very, very strong. And I used to sort of--didn't know at that time, he was pre? scribed a certain diet. And I just didn't know how to make the diet up. And I used to sort of give him just like I would any other time. Things that I don't think agreed with him. Anyway, he passed away. It was a terrible shock. My youngest son was born 6 months after my hus? band passed away. And I had 6 children. (And what did you do?) Well, I just--I looked at those children and I said, "I've just got to do things for them, as if their father was here." And I made up my mind that I've just got to go back, go back in the store, and do my best. And do you know that people were very kind to me. They came and they bought. And you know, it didn't take long before I was on the right road. And I lived, really, for my children. Because my big wish was to give them a good education. And to get a good educa? tion, we had to send them away, after they were through high Canada 24
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