Page 49 - From Breton Cove and Boston: Conversations with Josie Matheson Bredbury Part 2
ISSUE : Issue 57
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1
in that barn. Jimmy--oh, yeah. He and--was it Roddy that was with him? Anyway, he was cleaning the cow's stall. It was a little window that they were throwing it out through there. No, it was Roddy that was cleaning the stall out. And Jimmy came up on the outside. And he was going to look in through this little hole, you know, and scare Roddy. But Roddy let him have the whole thing! But the fork went into his eye. Didn't go all the way through, but he did lose his eyesight. Oh, my God. And you know, neither my father or mother knew it for a long, long time. We used to keep--if we got hurt, we used to keep it away from them, and we wouldn't tell. I broke my nose. It was in the fall of the year. And we had that Ginny--a horse, mare, we had. And she was awful--she wouldn't stand still for you to get the halter on her. So, this day--I don't know where I was going to go, but I was sort of in a hurry to get ahold of her and tackle her, put her in the wagon. Every time when I'd just about get ahold of the halter, she'd go right around. And she did this three different times to me. And it was between the gate and the (field)--that was plowed. And it was hard. So this time when she went by, I got ahold of her by the tail--me, thinking that I could hold her there! She took off, me holding onto the tail. And then when I can't keep up with her, I let go. And I went flat on my nose. Oh, my nose, and I was all blood all over me. I went to the barn. I was scared to death. Papa was in, so I didn't dare go in there. And Roddy did come over-- oh, golly. And he went in, he went in the house, he got another dress for me. We had stopped the bleeding and--oh, God. But then my nose was twisted. Laughs. So one side of my nose here is broken. SYDCO FUELS Serving Homes and Businesses throughout Cape Breton Furnace Oil Gasoline Stove Oil Diesel Fuel Lubricants 24*Hour Emergency Service Distributor of Petrocan 3 BURNER SYDCO FUELS E3 38 Lewis Drive, Sydney River 539-6444 (But your father never found out?) No. (Which gives you an idea how often he looked at you!) Laughter. The only time he looked at me was when I was going to get a good spanking! The last time he ever tried to hit me. Or any of us. He had a habit of, you know, giving you one that you'd land against the wall.... I don't know what happened. I can't remember what the spanking was--oh, it would be something Kitty did, you know, and I was blamed for it.... Anyvay, we were in the kitchen. When you go out into the old kitchen, there was the door there, swinging the opposite. And I was standing there. And he came--he came and he put his hand--and I saw him coming with his hand, you know. So I ducked, and he got the door! That was one time I got the best of him! Laughter. Oh, Dad. I love you! He hit that...! It hurt his hand. And my The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission investigates complaints of discrimination, provides information & education, promotes affirmative action, conducts research and liaises with community groups and organizations. Offices in Halifax, Sydney, New Glasgow & Digby Head Office: Lord Nelson Arcade, 7th Floor P.O. Box 2221, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 304 Tel: (902) 424-4111 T.D.D. Voice JC IHuman Rights Commission Honourable Joel R. Matheson.Q.C. Minister DEPART SYDNEY IMAM. ACADIAN 4 TRIPS DAILY BETWEEN SYDNEY & HALIFAX TRIP 72 - Daily pick ups in: NORTH SYDNEY, LITTLE BRAS D'OR, BIG HARBOUR. BADDECK, LITTLE NARROWS, WHYCOCOMAGH, PORT HASTINGS. PORT HAWKESBURY, & others (TRUR01:15 P.M. VIA RAIL connection) TRIP 64L - Daily pick ups in: NORTH SYDNEY (11:25 AM.). BADDECK (12:15 P.M.), WHYCOCO- MAGH(12:45 P.M.). ANTIGONISH (2:00 P.M.) TRIP62L - PORT HAWKESBURY to HALIFAX only (SUNDAY to FRIDAY only) TRIP 54 - via SL Peter's - Pick ups in: SYDNEY RIVER. 2:15 P.M. BIG POND, ST. PETER'S, GRAND ANSE. CLEVELAND, PORT HAWKESBURY. & others TRIP 76 - Pick ups In: NORTH SYDNEY. BADDECK, 6:00 P.M. WHYCOCOMAGH. PORT HAWKESBURY (SUNDAY to FRIDAY only) ARRIVE HAUFAX g;45 P.M, 11;0QAM, 5;00 P.M. V2QPM. (Port Hawkesbury) 5:15 P.M. 9;50 P,M, 12:10 AM. CALL TOLL FREE Schedule Subject to Change) i-454-932i ' for further information PARCEL EXPRESS Same day service to most Maritime points Collect shipments now accepted • Excess insurance available to $500.00 "Priority Pak" our new 12"x16" waterproof envelope with a flat rate throughout the Maritimes • sold 10 to a package $48.25 GRAYLINE SIGHTSEEING TOURS See Historic Halifax / Peggy's Cove We depart from most hotels for these tours. ACADIAN LINES LIMITED 6040 Almon Street, Halifax, N. S. B3K 5M1 June 1 - October 15 49
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