Page 65 - Mickey MacNeil from Iona - Ghosts
ISSUE : Issue 57
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1
we have to account for. Well now, should it be that we died, that Mass was against us. We'd have to have that Mass really said. There could be--it has happened-- came back and said. "I have used the mon? ey, the $2 for something else. So you pay --you buy--get a Mass for me, and I'll bother you no more." It has happened. (Is that right?) Yeah, it has happened. It has happened, yeah. (Remarkable.) Yeah, remarkable. 539-4413 539-4415 "GOOD DEALS ON GOOD CARS!" Located on the Sydney - Glace Bay Highway 1/2 mile before U.C.C.B. (I heard a story once, but I don't know much about it, about a church--I think it was near Christmas Island or something like that. And a light was seen in that church. And a priest who had died was seen in that church, saying masses that he hadn't finished before he died. Do you know of this?) It wasn't Christmas Island. There was a church--I just don't know whether it was on the other side. Boularderie side, or out St. Peters--it doesn't matter. (But you do remember this.) There was a church. And now, many's the time we find fault with young people being bad. You know, there'll be a little harm in them, they'll be doing little things. But we have no control--we do not know God's plan. We do not know His plan, what He has planned. NowFVAU Atlantic Canada. This year see all Atlantic Canada in one vacation. The green, gendy rolling hills of Prince Edward Island... colourful Newfoundland and Labrad' fishing villages... majestic New Brunswick salmon rivers... and the ocean-washed shoreline of Nova Scotia. Over 200,000 square miles of natural beauty, rich heritage, and unforgettable people waiting for you. Getting here is easy... with Air Canada and Air Nova's daily ncm-stopsand connections from major centres world-wide. Once here, 'o'HPtifl with Adantic Canadapass... a ticket for 3,4, 5 or 6 one-way flights between 14 Air Nova or Air Canada citi's • in Adantic Canada. And fly where you want., when you want., at savings up to 60% off regular one-way fares. For reservations and more information'ee your Travel Agent, or call Air Canada Reservations. 85 per flight jf of {Stopovers Adtitt giaresfCJhiM yares Faresto/fromAdwrtic Canadian doOara. Fares apply to bavdwittun Adantic Qmada only. dtqrs advance bo(4dng and bdceting-Odier resirictioas appty... consult your travel i?ent( US travel agef?s queue for fare quote SABRE QP/QAC1(V4 APOLLO QEP/QAO/10 CHIMMMSS ? AirCanada C%NAIH' ONmftbriiwiKjyiui iLmk mrNava But anyhow, this little boy, this young boy. was a little bit bad. Well, maybe more than a little bit bad. He used to steal the money out of the poor box, out of the box at the church. But everything, too, has a pur? pose, you never know. So, anyway, the priest caught on that he was taking--the money was going. And they pinned it on him. And he was the fellow that was taking the money, this young fellow. So the priest said to him, "You have to now," he said, "stay three nights in the church, as punishment, alone." Well, there is no place more lonelier than to be in a church all night by your? self, from sunset until sunrise in the morning. So the first night he spent there. And he was quite frightened. But he stayed in the back seat. But he couldn't get out--the doors were locked. So at 12, ex? actly 12, the priest came to the altar. Well, at those times--and long af? ter- -Mass could not be said until after 12, 'cause you'd have to be in day? light- -you could not say Mass in the afternoon. It would have to be in the morning. And it couldn't be until after 12 again. So the lights, the candles, they lit up. (They lit up.) Oh, yes, they lit up. (By themselves.) By themselves. Priest came to the altar. 65
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