Page 28 - Glace Bay Makes a Cannon for Louisbourg
ISSUE : Issue 12
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/12/1
Eddie Osmond in the furnace; later, downstairs. Lewis Wood shows the openings that let air to the fire, permit observation and act as an overflow warning system. While men are preparing the mold, another team has been at work firing up the fur? nace for the pour* The furnace is two stories high* It is fed on the second floor and tapped in the foundry on the first* A lift carries materials to the second floor, A mixture of beach sand and molding sand is poured down into the furnace and a man • we watched Eddie Osmond • climbs down inside to prepare the bottom* Sand is spread from 5 inches down to the level of the taphole* Sand covers the entire bottom door to keep iron from boiling out* Eddie:"The sand is wedge-shaped so that when it melts she slides right out the taphole*" With the sand in place, he begins to tramp it firm. It's really a dance, stamping his feet and turning, packing the sand solid. He climbs out and kindling wood is thrown down and set on fire. Once that's burning well a wheelbarrow load of coke is poured down the mouth of the furnace. Charge-hand Lewis Wood explained that iron needs impurities to not be brittle, to be of use. Si? lica and manganese are the main minerals added. They burn out in the furnace. By addi:' the impurities, they are able to use scrap iron out of the coal mines • pieces of broken machinery made over the last 75 years in this foundry. A charge for cannon Isle Royale Beverages Limited Your authorized COCA>COLA bottler 564-8130 562-4439 14SW?it9nSt. SHii?y.N. S. At Our New Location Better Health Centre 364 Charlotte Street, Sydney Offers a Large Range of Health, Vegetarian, Special Diet & Diabetic Foods and Vitamins C.O.D.Orders Accepted/Bulk Rates OPEN MON-FRI PHONE:562-1237 Health is Happiness Cape Breton's Magazine/28 Bonnell Furniture Limited SYDNEY AND GLACE BAY, M.S. 50 Years Serving Cape Bretoners with Pine Furniture and Appliances 0. GOLDMAN & SONS LTD. "TUt; HOME OF UNK SKAFOOD" f '0'{'', 'N'ijwS' # Gallant St reet '' ',<'''Wp'|''||4 uiace Bay / '...J'B'n i VW • Terminal Bldg., 'RBPPP'j'i'Rv'j |' Sydney Airport 'M''' iiilltlMB' '
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