Page 29 - Glace Bay Makes a Cannon for Louisbourg
ISSUE : Issue 12
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/12/1
would be half scrap iron, half pig iron and the needed impurities. All this while the blowers to the furnace are kept low. When the furnace is hot enough they begin throwing in the charges. The method is a load of coke followed by a charge of iron • 1500 pounds • then topped with a load of coke. Then another charge, and another coke. As each charge is tapped off, the load of coke will maintain the fire and melt the charge above. The cannon will be 6,200 pounds, so they put in 5 charges* There will be room for the last charges as the Ironraelter taps molten iron into his ladle, v4iich in turn will carry the iron to the mold. While the furnace is being fired and charged, the Cope is raised off the flatcar and placed on the Drag, and the two halves of the mold are clamped together, we watched Peter MacMullin clamping her off, so the pressure of the gases won't blow the mold open* Then he pasted a daubing of fire clay at the seam where the Cope and Drag met* If there is a runout, the daub will slow it and give hira a chance to put more daub? ing on that place* With Manny Rosnick he built up risers and gates on the Cope. The risers are like chimneys, allowing gases to escape;after the pour rods will be churn? ed down into them to prevent pockets in the metal. The gate receives the molten iron. A head is built around the gate, packed inside with sand and the sand stabbed with galvanized nails • so the sand will not fall in during the pour. At the same tirae the Ironraelter • we watched both Rudy Plichie and Eddie Osmond at this job • pre? pares his ladle to receive the iron. The ladle is claywashed, bricks are put in the bottom and it is lined with sand. Then a wood fire is built inside; he wants the la? dle hot as possible when the iron comes so it won't explode or splash iron. The tem? perature at the charging door is now about 900-1000 degrees, and at the tap hole 2500-3000 degrees P. The Moxham Room Din. in th. wann congenial atmo? sphere of our well-appointed dining room. Fine food, attentive service and a comprehensive wine list. You'll enjoy dining with ut. Call on us soon. Holiday Inn of Sydney, Nova Scotia 480 King's Road Telephone (902) 539-6750 AMCO Industries Limited Hardware Plumbing Electrical and Building Supplies Caledonia Street. North Sydnev bur Christmas Gift Centre '' • ?The Diamond People" Sydney North Sydney Antigonish Port Hav'esbury Mail Orders given Special Attention Cape Breton* s Magazine/29'
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