Page 95 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life
ISSUE : Issue 57
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1
Above: Mooney Clarke of North Sydney on the receiving end of Benny Deiorenzo. Delorenzo won Golden Glove Featherweight amateur titles, and then turned pro. Right: Gordon **Gramps" Kiley, an? other winner of several Golden Gloves and Maritime amateur titles. for him afterwards. So I got back, and then I got--he got me to get ahold of my father, which I didn't want to do. Send me some money, you know, to get back to Canada, eh? So what we did.... See, it's easy to get in the States, see, and work if you want it, you know what I mean? So what I did, see. I'm on the row--I'm on the skids down there. So I went and I got a guy that was on the skids with me. He's got a social security card--an unemployment number. And I said to him, "Here's 10 bucks. I'll buy your social security card off you, see." For 10 bucks--that was big money. So he gave it to me.... "Listen. When I get a job, and I make some money, and I get out of the country, within 6 months time, or I quit my job--I'11 give you the social security number back, card back, and you can go and collect unemployment." You understand what I mean? And that guy is a bum, see, and he never works. Street smart, see? So that's how I used to work it. So I went to work, and I got a few shifts. So then I went and I gave the guy the (social secur? ity) card, you know, the number back, see. He got unemployment. I took off out of the country. See, there's angles in every- Swimming and Hiking Picnics and Dining Where the Present Meets the Past ''' The GrubstakB lljy DiningRoom b Cocktail Lounge !Tor a Cite iimch orfuCC course meat! family Tuning at its Best! friendiy atmosphere and staff! !Food to pCease your taste! 'A fabulous fining "LTqperience' ("What Our Customers Want...They GeP) • Soups • Salads • Casserofes • 9'eat • fisd • (DeCicious 'Desserts • Mso a Special Chitdren 's Menu Open June Till October • 12 p.m.-9 p.m. Daily • Fully Licensed • 733-2308 1274 Main Street, Louisbourg '' ' Major Credit Cards Every Summer Since 1972 ' ' All Residents and Visitors to Cape Breton Island This Summer Are Invited to Come to the Town of Louisbourg and Participate in Our 90th Anniversary Celebrations. The Highlight of the Festivities Will Be ( The Louisbourg Summer Festival July 20-28' For further information on Louisbourg and area please contact: 'i'iLiXo' Louisbourg District Planning Town of Louisbourg /'i'iTX & Development Commission P.O. Box88 6cf'>'Ct) PO. Box8 Louisbourg, N.S. I W' / Louisbourg, N. S. BOA 1 MO '?VvJ'''' '?' " • '' Phone:733-2014 'Ut'T'r' Phone:733-2996 For SUMMER FESTIVAL INFORMATION, call 733-3383
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