Page 3 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?
ISSUE : Issue 58
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1
The cast of "Ichabod Crane" • Holy Redeemer School and Whitney School • performed circa 1960. Who can you name? See page 96. cause, you know, people couldn't keep their payments up for their cars. And he, by the same token, under-financed, just couldn't continue to maintain the costs of keeping a new car on the showroom floor. He went bankrupt. Not bankrupt, but--they just put him out of business. And he did go bankrupt in a sense.... Left him with nothing. He lived right here over on Prince Street. You know where Ron May Pontiac is now? Well, right across the street there's Mac- Eachern's Motor Winding shop. Well, that's our home. That home was taken from us, back in the early '30s, dur? ing the Depression--around 1934, '35. And my grandpar? ents- -John Khattar--he built this house for us (on Town- send Street). Right where we're sitting today. We're in the original part of the house, built in 1935. For awhile my father and mother had a dry goods store right here. And my father went back to work (elsewhere) as a barber. And then a little later on, he came back. We closed the dry goods store, and my father opened a barbershop. And when we came back from the war, 1946, my father still was in the barber business. And we built an addi? tion on this building where our (photogra? phy) studio--our main front office--is lo? cated now. I guess I'd have to say that photography be? gan for us with my brother George's leaving high school and taking a job. 'Cause in those days, if you could get a job, that's ''' y Ice Cream Company Ltd. Cape Breton Shopping Plaza Sydney River, N. S. 539-0424 Ifie Jimst Ice Cream Made'ere ' . , %speciatixj Jor you OPEN 7 Days a Week ICE CREAM PARLOUR and BAKERY brake service drums & rotors resurfaced DISCO TIRE 2&4 wheel alignment Including 1-ton trucks and motor homes SYDNEY LTD. 539-4070 computerized engine analysis and tune up (DISCO TIRE only) CANSO TIRE PORT HAWKESBURY LTD. 625-3125
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